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Ancient dungeon

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The Ancient Dungeon is full of a variety of NPC's. It is very common to find other players training here due to the amount of each NPC. It is the only place where non-donors can kill Mithril dragons, outside of the Wilderness.



Getting there

You can get to the main entrance of the Ancient Dungeon by opening the teleport menu (by clicking on the world map or pressing CTRL + T on your keyboard). The Ancient Dungeon teleport is under Combat Training. Kuradal's Dungeon teleport takes you to Kuradal inside the Ancient Dungeon.



Map number Monster Level Amount in dungeon
1 GOlSQ1i.png Dark beast 182 5
2 MOaI6Js.png Abyssal demon 124 11
3 G8eZ1tk.png Fire giant 86 4
4 GfSf48k.png Dust devil 93 7
5 SNrmlUg.png Wild dog 63 5
6 bDM7GMI.png Waterfiend 115 11
7 HqduaJO.png Iron dragon 189 2
8 180c7oQ.png Steel dragon 246 2
9 AazC0UC.png Bronze dragon 131 2
10 VHO3CWf.png Mithril dragon NPC LVL 3

Ancient dragon forge

Located in the far south of the dungeon, is the ancient dragon forge. Players are able to forge a Dragon platebody here. The required items for this are:

  • Ruined dragon armour lump
  • Ruined dragon armour slice
  • Ruined dragon armour shard
  • Fusion hammer
  • Use one of the required items on an anvil there and it will be forged into a Dragon platebody.



    When using the Kuradal's Dungeon teleport, donators will be able to use the cave entrance next to Kuradal that leads to the Premium Training Dungeon.