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Bandos tassets

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Tradable? Yes
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
High Alch 326,716
Weight 8 kg
Attack Bonuses
sdEBkXN.png pa2135t.png ZU9C9fE.png PABuuAJ.png NrjSBQ0.png
+0 +0 +0 -21 -7
Defence Bonuses
sdEBkXN.png pa2135t.png ZU9C9fE.png PABuuAJ.png NrjSBQ0.png
+71 +63 +66 -4 +93
Absorb Melee +3%
Absorb Magic +0%
Absorb Ranged +6%
Other Bonuses
bzMRhjZ.png tIXNubP.png VL3mICf.png d16Tcus.png Slot
+2 +0 +1 +0% NA

The Bandos Tassets is a piece of melee armour that requires 65 Stength, and 65 Defence in order for a player to equip. Due to the Bandos Tassets's decent stats and relatively low cost, it is highly recommended for players who wish to do any sort of combat, while on a budget.

This armour piece counts as a Bandos item and will stop the NPC's in the Bandos God Wars Dungeon lobby from being agressive towards you.

Obtaining the Armour

All the Bandos armour pieces can be obtained from killing General Graardor and his minion, Sergeant Strongstack. The other two minions, Sergeanrt Steelwill, and Sergeant Grimspike will only drop the Bandos boots.

It is slightly rarer to get any of the drops from the minions compared to General Graardor.