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Chaotic maul

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Tradable? Yes
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
High Alch 0
Weight 4.9 kg
Attack Bonuses
sdEBkXN.png pa2135t.png ZU9C9fE.png PABuuAJ.png NrjSBQ0.png
-4 -4 +167 +0 +0
Defence Bonuses
sdEBkXN.png pa2135t.png ZU9C9fE.png PABuuAJ.png NrjSBQ0.png
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Absorb Melee +0%
Absorb Magic +0%
Absorb Ranged +0%
Other Bonuses
bzMRhjZ.png tIXNubP.png VL3mICf.png d16Tcus.png Slot
+155 +0 +0 +0% ZdzgVMX.png

The Chaotic Maul is one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game. The power of the Chaotic Maul is balanced due to the slower speed, and inability to equip an off-hand item at the same time. As with all chaotic weapons, they will break after 1,200 attacks, luckily they are repairable, so you will not lose the item forever if it does break. Chaotic Mauls are mostly used in Pk'ing situations as a potential K.O weapon.

The Elder maul is slightly stronger than the Chaotic Maul, and has the advantage of never degrading.

The Chaotic Maul requires a level of at least 80 Attack in order to equip.

Obtaining the Chaotic Maul


The only NPC that will drop the Chaotic Maul is the boss The Untouchable. The Chaotic longsword has the same drop rate as the Chaotic Maul from The Untouchable.

Blood Coin Shop

Chaotic Mauls can be purchased from the Blood Store, which is located in Edgeville. You can tele directly there by using the ::shops command. To access the store, trade the "Adventurer". This store uses Blood coins as it's currency, which can be gained from killing players in the Wilderness.

The Chaotic Maul costs 100k Blood coins.

Repairing your Chaotic Maul

Once a Chaotic item breaks, it will have to be repaired on the supply table found in the Edgeville Bank, this will cost cost 10k per charge used, for example 16% used will cost 160k to repair.


You can also use two of the same Chaotic Items on one another. However, this will destroy one of the Chaotics, while fully repairing the other, which is much more costly than repairing the weapon at the table.

Attack styles

Image Combat style Type Experience gains
kpkMmxd.png Pound Crush Attack
3qF5Vs5.png Pummel Crush Strength
PZgP8ZS.png Block Crush Defence