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Dragon bones

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Tradable? Yes
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
High Alch 166
Weight 1.5 kg

Dragon bones are associated with the Prayer skill, these are dropped by most adult dragons, with the exception of Frost dragons, as they drop Frost dragon bones.

The relative ease of collecting dragon bones, combined with the amount of experience earned from them, makes them viewed as a fast, cost-effective way to train Prayer.

Dragon bones give 1,440 Prayer experience when buried and 2,880 when used on an altar. The experience can be further increased with other boosts, such as Brawling gloves (prayer). Burying dragon bones is not recommended; usually they are best used on an altar.

Obtaining Dragon Bones

As expected all dragons will drop Dragon Bones, again with the exception of Frost dragons. However, the Chaos elemental has the chance to drop 25-50 noted Dragon Bones, and the Sea troll queen has a chance to drop 100-150 noted Dragon Bones.