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Dragon hatchet

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Tradable? Yes
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
High Alch 1,833
Weight 1 kg
Attack Bonuses
sdEBkXN.png pa2135t.png ZU9C9fE.png PABuuAJ.png NrjSBQ0.png
-2 +38 +32 +0 +0
Defence Bonuses
sdEBkXN.png pa2135t.png ZU9C9fE.png PABuuAJ.png NrjSBQ0.png
+0 +1 +0 +0 +0
Absorb Melee +0%
Absorb Magic +0%
Absorb Ranged +0%
Other Bonuses
bzMRhjZ.png tIXNubP.png VL3mICf.png d16Tcus.png Slot
+42 +0 +0 +0% ZdzgVMX.png

The Dragon Hatchet is a tool used for Woodcutting. It requires level 61 Woodcutting to use and level 60 Attack to weild. However, you can still use the hatchet to chop trees without weilding it.

In terms of Woodcutting efficiency, the Dragon Hatchet is the third best hatchet in the game tied with the 3rd age axe.

The Dragon Hatchet can be upgraded with 1,000 Perfect dragon scales to create an Infernal axe, which is the best hatchet in the game.

Although it can be used in combat, it never is. This is due to its terrible stats, and special attack. As well as there being much better alternatives.

Obtaining the Dragon Hatchet


The Dragon Hatchet is dropped all dragons in the game, and two of the three Dagannoth kings.

The NPC's that drop the Dragon Hatchet are:

Skilling Point Store

The Dragon Hatchet is available in the Skilling point exchange shop for a cost of 400 skilling points.

Skilling Prestige Store

The Dragon Hatchet is also available in the Skilling prestige store for a cost of 5,100 skilling prestige points.

Special Attack

The Dragon Hatchet's special attack uses 100% of your special attack bar, and will lower the opponent's Defence and Magic by 10% of the damage dealt (rounded-down)