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Combat level 712
Always drops Zogre Bones
Combat info
Hitpoints 1500
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous Yes
Max hits
Melee 37
Magic 72

Mutant Tarn

The Mutant Tarn is a powerful and deadly boss that drops Chaotic items and Zogre bones, which can be used to train prayer. It can use a wide variety of damaging attacks. Mutant Tarn has 1500 hitpoints and very high defense. It is recommended to use the Deflect Magic prayer. The boss still does very high damage even through prayer, which is why it is also recommended to keep your health above 70 at all times. Mutant Tarn has the following attacks:

  • A multi-target magic attack that does up to 72 damage.
  • A single-target melee attack that does up to 37 damage.
  • An area-of-effect burn attack that covers the floor with pockets of fire. Anyone standing in a square where fire spawns will take damage.
  • A poison attack that starts at 8 damage.

  • How to get there

    Step 1: Teleport to "Tarn & Ice Queen" under the "Bosses" teleport option


    Step 2: Kill Hobgoblins or Hellhounds until you reach the required kill count to enter the red portal.

  • Regular players: 20 kill count required.
  • Regular donators: 15 kill count required.
  • Super donators: 5 kill count required.
  • Extreme donators: 3 kill count required.
  • RJxm8zL.png

    Tarn is aggressive, so it is recommended to turn on the Deflect Magic prayer before entering the portal.


    Gear and inventory setup

    As noted above, the Mutant Tarn is always extremely crowded, often with multiple players in maxed gear. To have a reasonable chance of getting kills, then, you must also be in maxed or near-maxed gear. Currently, melee has far better damage-per-second (DPS) than any other combat style, so the best setup is melee. Defense is essentially irrelevant here, so you should use the gear that provides the best offensive bonuses possible. In addition, you will need to bring a Steel Titan with Steel of Legends scrolls. Having that familiar will significantly increase your damage output and give you a better chance of getting the kill.

    Many players cast Vengeance while at Tarn to further increase the damage they do. However, this is optional because damage reflected via Vengeance does not count towards determining which player gets the kill. The only advantage of Vengeance, then, is slightly faster kills.

    Gear Inventory Summoning familiar
    cJnJM49.png javg854.png pUYBasn.png
    • Helm: Torva full helm
    • Body: Torva platebody
    • Legs: Torva platelegs
    • Boots: Steadfast boots
    • Weapon: Abyssal vine whip
    • Shield: Divine spirit shield
    • Cape: Completionist cape
    • Amulet: Amulet of torture (or)
    • Gloves: Barrows gloves
    • Ring: Ring of suffering
    • 1x Dragon dagger (p++)
    • 1x Overload flask (6)
    • 2x Super restore (4)
    • 16x Saradomin brew flask (6)
    • Steel of legends scroll
    It is recommended to use a Steel Titan familiar (requires 99 summoning). This summoning familiar will help you attack Mutant Tarn with its special move. Steel of legends scrolls are required to use the Steel Titan special move.

    Tips and tricks

    Kill strategy

  • Attack Tarn as soon as he spawns. It is better to do this manually rather than waiting for auto-retaliate to work.
  • Use your Steel Titan special move the instant you start attacking and then as often as possible throughout the kill.
  • Getting your titan out of the way

    Steel Titans can spec equally well from anywhere, so you might as well keep them from walking around on the boss and making it difficult to right-click. If you run next to the northeast wall and call your familiar, it will get stuck in the wall and stay there for the remainder of the kill.

    Video of killing Mutant Tarn


    The most important drop from the Mutant Tarn are the Zogre Bones that it drops every kill as these offer 120k prayer experience when offered on an altar, because of this they are very valuable to players. Luckily, the bones are not the only great reward from the Mutant Tarn, as there are plenty of unique drops that will boost the amount of money you make killing this boss even more. There is also a very rare chance of receiving a Mutant Tarn pet if you kill this boss.

    Drop Name Quantity Noted? Droprate
    3LNB5xe.png Mutant Tarn (pet) 1 No Very rare
    OQN23kn.png Crystal halberd full 1 No Rare
    vGGOdhk.gif Chaotic rapier 1 No Rare
    2LzekNO.png Chaotic crossbow 1 No Rare
    huOHTGD.png Farseer Kiteshield 1 No Rare
    6wo9G9j.png Clue Scroll (Elite) 1 No Rare
    kD6hxTS.png Warrior Ring (i) 1 No Rare
    HvBB2Aa.png Clue Scroll (Hard) 1 No Rare
    uA298VF.png Coins 20M No Rare
    y9jzEO9.png Dragon Spear 1 No Uncommon
    1WpGpk5.png Gnome Goggles 1 No Uncommon
    AqGDXO8.png Super Restore (4) 50-100 Yes Uncommon
    ttcjvUo.png Rocktail 28 No Common
    ArOJsBW.png Saradomin brew (4) 50-100 Yes Frequent
    ualjiqW.png Blue Charm 20-50 No Frequent
    EKorHO1.png Crimson Charm 20-50 No Frequent
    hIwiE5J.png Rune Arrow 3000 No Frequent
    uA298VF.png Coins 500K - 1M No Frequent
    EKorHO1.png Crimson Charm 1 No Always
    qxsBWWH.gif Zogre Bones 1 No Always