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Combat level 1001
Always drops 500k-800k coins & Big bones
Combat info
Hitpoints 3.000
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous No
Max hits
Melee Currently unknown
Ranged Currently unknown
Magic Currently unknown


It's strongly advised to come prepared and with a big team to face Nex! It's considered to be almost impossible to solo it! As Nex was intended to work very alike the RS version from june-2012


In order to go to Nex lair you may just type ::nex or use Bosses teleport.



Fighting Strategy

Smoke Phase

Pray Protect from Magic 9HO9NBP.png

This is the 1st phase you will deal with while attempting to kill Nex. The Nex abilities will vary for each phase.

When Nex says "Let the virus flow through you!" you may get infected by the virus. Your player will say "*cough*", and nearby players will get infected and it will knock their protection prayer off. Move away a few spaces from your teammates so they do not get infected by the virus.

When Nex says "There is... NO ESCAPE!" She will fly starting from the North path, and ending in the South path.

Nex can also draw you in towards her which stuns you. You will not be able to drink any potion/move/eat any food.

Your protection prayers will be knocked off frequently. Be sure to pay attention to your prayers to make sure they are on for all of the phases.

Once you lower Nex to 2400 Hp, she will no longer take anymore damage. You will need to kill Fumus in order to weaken Nex further. After killing Fumus you will start the Shadow phase.

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Shadow Phase

Once Fumus has been killed pray Protect from Range ifsW71L.png

When Nex says "Fear the Shadow!" she will send Shadow traps towards every player. To avoid taking the extra damage from these traps simply move from your current location.

The closer you are to Nex, the darker your screen will be. Keep your distance for better screen visibility.

When Nex reaches 1800 hp, you will need to kill Umbra.

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Blood Phase

Once Umbra has been killed pray Protect from Magic 9HO9NBP.png

When Nex says "A Siphon will solve this!" during this time Nex will kneel, and for 8 seconds any damage towards Nex will heal her.

When Nex says "I demand a blood sacrifice!" a random player will turn red, and 3 Blood Reavers will spawn. The player that turned red will be targeted by Nex. You should be able to push through this phase without having to kill the blood reavers if you have 2-3 people. If the blood reavers are not killed before the phase repeats Nex will heal for more hp.

Once Nex is at 1200 hp, you will need to kill Cruor to get to the phase.

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Ice Phase

Pray Protect from Magic 9HO9NBP.png

When Nex says "Die now, in a prison of ice!" She will freeze her targeted player in an ice stalagmite cage. A teammate can click on one of the stalagmites that has the option "Attack Stalagmite" which will free the trapped player.

When Nex says "Contain this!" Nex will create an ice barrier dealing damage to players and knocking off their protection prayers. Players will be trapped inside the ice barrier until it disappears or teammates set them free by attacking one of the stalagmites.

When Nex is at 600 hp, you will need to attack Glacies to progress to the next phase.

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Zaros Phase

Pray Protect from Magic 9HO9NBP.png

When this phase starts Nex will say "NOW, THE POWER OF ZAROS!" and she will heal up to almost 1/4th of her health. She will alternate between the Melee Deflect prayer and the Turmoil prayer.

Nex will also knock off your prayers, and once Nex has been killed the Wrath prayer will be activated. This will deal damage to all players in the radius.

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In order to face Nex you can try out this inventory with a familiar full of Saradomin brews. (Since it's easy to come back, there's no need to bring lots of super restores to stay more than 1 trip)

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Gear Setup


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Drop Name Quantity Noted? Rarity
Astral Rune 3,000 No Common
Big Bones 1 No Always
Blood Rune 3,000 No Common
Blue Charm 1-20 No Common
Clue Scroll (Elite) 1 No Rare
Clue Scroll (Hard) 1 No Uncommon
Coal 1,000 Yes Uncommon
Coins 2M-3M No Frequent
Coins 500K-800K No Always
Crimson Charm 1-20 No Common
Death Rune 3,000 No Common
Gold Charm 1-20 No Common
Green Charm 1-20 No Common
Grimy Avantoe 200 Yes Uncommon
Grimy Dwarf Weed 400 Yes Uncommon
Grimy Torstol 400 Yes Uncommon
Loop Half Of A Key 1 No Common
Magic Logs 1,000 Yes Uncommon
Onyx Bolts (e) 1,000 Yes Uncommon
Pernix Body 1 No Very Rare
Pernix Chaps 1 No Very Rare
Pernix Cowl 1 No Very Rare
Pure Essence 5,000 Yes Uncommon
Raw Sharks 1,000 Yes Common
Runite Ore 250 Yes Uncommon
Saradomin Brew (4) 80 Yes Common
Super Restore (4) 80 Yes Common
Tooth Half Of A Key 1 No Common
Torva Full Helm 1 No Very Rare
Torva Platebody 1 No Very Rare
Torva Platelegs 1 No Very Rare
Twisted Bow 1 No Very Rare
Uncut Dragonstone 100 Yes Uncommon
Virtus Mask 1 No Very Rare
Virtus Robe Legs 1 No Very Rare
Virtus Robe Top 1 No Very Rare
Zaryte Bow 1 No Very Rare

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Video of killing Nex

Thank you to Dannyx's Nex Guide.