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The banks on Etherum now have many options for things to do. Such as: Donating to Activity Rewards, Using Presets, Playing the Cash Lottery, Collection Box, and now, in the banks themselves you have Bank Tabs. There's also more bank options in our banks that we can use as well. This guide will show you how to use these options to the best of your ability.

Donating to Activity Rewards

The activity rewards are what people gain from partaking in activities such as Voting, Pking and Locating crashed stars. You can check what items are in the Activity rewards collection by going into "Help Desk" and clicking "Check Activity Rewards".



To donate to the Activity Rewards you simply Right click on the item you wish to donate and click "use" then click on a Banker.



Using Presets

Presets are used so that you can quickly access your wanted set up including your inventory and worn equipment. First you will need to get your inventory and worn equipment set up before you go onto configuring the presets. Once you are all geared up you can move on. To locate your presets simply right click on a bank and click "Presets".


Next you will need to click the "Configure Presets" button.


After that you must click the small settings button. mg83B5v.png Next to the Preset that you wish to Edit.


As you can see there is an option at the bottom where you can choose to only set it as your Equipment or Inventory or Both. Once you have done all that, all that is left to do is to name your preset.

Collection Box

The collection Box is where your items go that you win from the Activity Rewards. Also the items won from the Voting Lottery and Tasks go in here. To access you Collection Box, simply right click on a Bank and click "Collect".


Once you click the "Collect" button, a small box will appear with your items in.


There is a small box in the top right hand corner called "Tasks" This box will only show up if you have completed a task and have gained some items from it. The small box in the top right hand corner called "Activity Rewards" will only show up if you have won an item from the Activity Rewards.

Playing the Cash Lottery

This is a small way to gamble within Etherum. To enter the Cash Lottery you simple talk to a banker and click the "I'd like to talk about the lottery" option.


Then Click the "I would like to join the lottery" option.


Each Entry costs 25M and the winner gets 50% of all the money that was entered.


Other Bank Options

There are other options and features that we have in our banks that we can use.

Drag here to destroy button: Indicated in red, dragging an item at that button will give you an option of whether or not you want to destroy the item, permanently removing it from the game.



Bank Settings button: Indicated in red, clicking the button will bring you a list of settings in which you can configure to your liking.



  • Checking the "Close Bank Hotkey" will allow you to close the bank with the "ESC" key.
  • Checking the "Automatic close on Quick Deposit" allows you to close the bank when using the Quick Deposit hotkey. The default for this option will be "Control + D", but can be changed in your settings bar.

Switch Insert Mode button: Indicated in red, clicking the button will toggle your bank configuration in which you put an item in a slot where another item is, moving that item to the right of the selected item.


Toggle Search button: Indicated in red, clicking the button will toggle the search function to find an item that you're looking for, although this is a "donator only" feature.




Configure Pin button: Indicated in red, clicking the button will configure settings to configure your bank pin.



Open Equipment button: Indicated in red, clicking the button will open up your equipment stats for you.



Presets button: Indicated in red, clicking the button will open up your presets configuration tab.



Switch to Note to Withdraw Mode button: Indicated in red, clicking the button will give you the ability to withdraw items that you can note.