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The Coin Lottery is an automated event that is run in-game. Every 12 hours, a winner will be randomly selected from all of those who have enter. This winner will recieve 50% of total entry costs. So, if you would like to try out your luck to win some money, why not give the Coins Lottery a go.

Entering the Lottery

The Lottery has a fixed entry cost of 25m Gp, however, you may enter up to 5 times for a total of 125m Gp.

To enter the Lottery, simply talk to any Banker. The easiest ones to get to are the ones at Edgeville (home).


Once you talk to the Banker, ask to talk about the Lottery.


Ask to join the Lottery.


Confirm that you would like to enter. This is your last chance to keep your money, as once its in the pot, it can not be removed.


Checking on the Lottery

You can view how the current lottery is going, by switching to the quest tab and selecting, "Lottery", it is located under the title "Luck games".


The interface that pops up will inform you of:

  • How much money is in the current pot.
  • How many entries are in the current Lottery.
  • How many times you have entered.
  • Time until the drawing happens.
  • The current reward.
  • The names of the players who have previously won, and how much they have recieved.


If you are the chosen winner you will earn yourself 50% of the total money entered in the Lottery. If the prize is less than how much you paid to enter, you will receive this reward, plus what you have paid to enter. However, if you you are the only entrient, you will simply recieve only your payment in return.

Collecting Your Prize

As the Lottery is automatic, The prize will be sent to the winners collection box. This way you do not even have to be online at the time of the draw to win.

To access your collection box, simply use the collect option on either a Banker, or a bank booth. You may have to switch to a different section of the collection box, by using the words on the left side of the interface, as this is where your task rewards, and vote rewards are also placed.