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The crystal key is a one use item. It is used to open one of two crystal chests, which can be very rewarding if you manage to get a rare item.

The only way to obtain a Crystal Key is by combining a tooth half of a key with a loop half of a key, doing so will give you the message "You join the two halves of the key together."


Key Half Dropping NPC's

Many NPC's drop the key halves. These NPC's will be listed below.

  • Abyssal Demon
  • Aquanite
  • Aviansie
  • Basilisk
  • Blue Dragon
  • Bronze Dragon
  • Cockatrice
  • Desert Strykewyrm
  • Dark Beast
  • Dust Devil
  • Fire Giant
  • Frost Dragon
  • Gargoyle
  • Greater Demon
  • Green Dragon
  • Iron Dragon
  • Jungle Strykewyrm
  • King Black Dragon
  • Kurask
  • Lesser Demon
  • Mithril Dragon
  • Nechryael
  • Nex
  • Red Dragon
  • Revenant Dark Beast
  • Revenant Dragon
  • Skeleton Fremennik
  • Steel Dragon
  • Waterfiend

Crystal Chest

The Crystal Chest is located in the south-west corner of the Edgeville marketplace the quickest way here is to type ::ge


Opening the crystal chest will get you various rewards, from cosmetic sets to runes and potions. Below is an image of all the possible rewards you can obtain from opening the crystal chest:


Note: Luck boosting effects, such as the ring of wealth do not apply to opening the crystal chest.