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Donator status is given to a player in game when he/she donates. Etherum really appreciates the support of the server, so they try to provide special qualities to the players (while keeping it fair to all-meaning it is not required to donate).

How do i become a donator?

The main way to become a donator is by donating the following amounts

  • Donate for Regular Donator Rank ($2.99/31 days)
  • Donate for a Super Donor Rank ($5.99/31 days)($49.99/Year)
  • Donate for Extreme Donator rank ($149/Year).

You can also become a donator by getting a 12 vote streak. Each time you get a 12 vote streak you will become a donator for 2 days. Read more about voting and how to ear voting streaks Here

What Benefits Do You Get?

Features Regular Donator Super Donator Extreme Donator
Cost $2.99/31 days $5.99/31 days $149/year
Default Money pouch size 8b 10b 15b
Extra Bank Spaces 60 160 300
Extra Bonesack Spaces 20 50 100
Big Slayer task Reduction 10% 20% 40%
Slayer VIP ticket alternative options 2 3 4
Tarn KC Required 15 5 3
Castle Wars Ticket Boost 7% 15% 20%
Extra Preset Slots 1 3 7
Decanting Cost Reduction 25% 50% 75%
Mystery Box Loot improvement 0.2% 0.5% 1%
Wild Evade delay Reduction 7 seconds 5 seconds 4 seconds
Blood coin boost from kills 15% 25% 50%
Fight caves Cost per wave 250 Tokkul per wave 225 Tokkul per wave 200 Tokkul per wave
Fight cave skip limit 57 60 61
Store Access Fancies Store Fancies Store & Flasks Store (30) Fancies Store & Flasks Store (60)
Reaper Recover Reset Delay No 15 days 10 days
Nurse Heal Delay 60 seconds 30 seconds 15 seconds
Buy X - Limit 400 800 2,000
Access to Kuradel Yes Yes Yes
Access to Donor zone Yes Yes Yes
Access to restricted Training areas Premium Training Premium Training & Taverly Resource Dungeon Premium Training & Taverly Resource Dungeon
Ability to yell Yes Yes Yes
Time between yells 15 Seconds 10 seconds 3 seconds
Access to yell customizer Yes Yes Yes
Yell reduction cost No 50% 75%
Max-Hit from equip bonus screen No Yes Yes
Change Prayer and spell book from anywhere No Yes Yes
Purchase Reaper Soul Points with PK & Participation points No Yes Yes
Recharge all glories from inventory at once for free No No Yes
Automatically solve one step of a clue per day No No Yes
Can host dice bets No No Yes
Teleblock Timer Yes Yes Yes
Quick Drop No Yes Yes

The Donor Zone

1) Precision Totem Will boost attack accuracy and damage against NPCs:

  • 1.5x Damage boost for Normal Donators for 10 minutes
  • 1.5x Damage boost for Super Donators for 20 minutes
  • 1.5x Damage boost for Extreme Donators for 30 minutes

Can be used every 5 hours.

2) Knowledge Totem Will boost all gained experience:

  • 1.75x Experience for Normal Donators for 10 minutes
  • 2x Experience for Super Donators for 20 minutes
  • 2.1x Experience for Extreme Donators for 40 minutes

Can be used every 16 hours.

3) Luck Totem Will increase the chance of rare drops:

  • 0.4% Drop chance increase for Normal Donators for 10 minutes
  • 0.5% Drop chance increase for Super Donators for 20 minutes
  • 0.5% Drop chance increase and 5% Drop chance increase for clue scrolls for Extreme Donators

Can be used every 4 hours.

4) Security Totem Will automatically protect an item on death:

  • 90 minutes for Normal Donators
  • 3 hours Super Donators
  • 5 hours for Extreme Donators

Can be used every 6 hours.

5) Banks, where you are able to store items.

6) You can also train the following skills in donor zone:

  • Cooking - A range close to bank
  • Farming - Herb Patch
  • Mining - Runite, Adamant, Mithril , Gold and Coal ores
  • Prayer - Gilded Altar
  • Slayer - Access to all slayer masters in one area
  • Smithing - Furance and an Anvil
  • Thiefing - Gem and Silver stall
  • Woodcutting - Magic Trees

Secret Blue Dragons Location

  • For Super Donators and Extreme Donators only
  • Entrance is located next to Taverley Dungeon's Blue Dragon spot.


  • In the area going around, you will find 11 Blue Dragons in there. Most of them drop Crimson Charms 100% of the time.


Donator Zone 2

Please note that skilling on donoator zone 2 DOES NOT give any experience. It instead reward you with 'donator skilling points'. These points currently do not have any use but may be used for a highscores rank or a new shop later.

In Donator Zone 2 you will find:

  • A Bank
  • Yew Trees
  • Magic Trees
  • Runite Ore
  • Adamant Ore
  • A Gem Stall
  • A Silver Stall
  • A Cooking Range
  • A Furnace
  • A Gilded Altar
  • A Fountain to rechange Amulet of Glories

Premium Training

Premium Training dungeon (Kuradels Dungeon) dungeon provides more slayer type monsters.In Here you can find:

  • HellHounds
  • Lesser and Greater Demons
  • Black and Red Dragons
  • Green and Blue Dragons
  • Abyssal Demons
  • Dark Beasts
  • Mithril Dragons


Yell Abilities

You can change your yell title by clicking "Customize Yell" in the quest tab > help desk.


Then you can choose any other for the title or text. (you can also copy/paste colors to make it easier on you)


Yell Credit

In order to yell a player will need some yell credits, these can be obtained by:

  • Buying 10 Yell Credits for 250 participation points.
  • Buying 50 Yell Credits for 50 vote points.
  • Trading other players who bought these Credits.
  • Gain 20 Yell Credits when reaching every 12th vote streak, while having a donor status.