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This Guide will show you how to make your messages stand out by adding faces and changing the colours of your text.


To make a smiley, you have 3 options. You can type in the symbol that represents the face E.g: ":P", you can type the description for that smiley in square brackets E.g: "[tongue]", or you can choose it from the list of smileys that can be found by clicking on the small smiley face above the "Report" button and select the manual option.


Currently there are 42 smileys in the game, so there are plenty of options to choose from.


Name Description Symbol Face
Haha [haha]  :) khGWfCg.png
Love [love] <3 zrvjZIF.png
Blink [blink]  ;) 4gjW5.png
Laugh [laugh]  :D eysVYVx.png
Sad [sad]  :( ijnPb2B.png
Shame [shame]  :$ 9Ap7TOS.png
Cool [cool] B-) WJwTV2A.png
Tongue [tongue]  :P AVftFBo.png
Surprise [surprise]  :O Ny16Q5K.png
Worry [worry]  :& 6gFnJ.png
Cry [cry]  ;( 76de152b0291b4ed5033377387114473.png
Silence [silence] -( BOwkZn4.png
Hurr [hurr]  :hurr: 4gjYJ.png
Pirate [pirate] P-) 4gjZY.png
Troll [troll]  :troll: 18McSHP.png
Facepalm [facepalm]  :fp: TgryTIC.png
Whistle [whistle]  :-" 0Fc7ROs.png
Peace [peace]  :v: JfCuXnJ.png
Neautral [neutral] -.- G9k7av8.png
Roll eyes [rolleyes] 8-) HKbOMB0.png
Sleepy [sleepy] zzz iVmsny7.png
Thumbs up [thumbs]  :thumbs: ccbb2e23d0e3eab09b55ccbef8fd619a.png
Peace [peace2]  :v2: c1253e51ecc4489a3c3383e270c74b5c.png
Clapping [claps]  :claps: 4869378b1ee04da058819b066219e79b.png
Lmao [lmao]  :lmao: efe8a3144983e6e453364cd4bb807b45.png
Satisfied [satisfied] :sat: 13916b9c36c1d52be1659e87616ce418.png
Arrogant [arrogant]  :arr: cf6b42637eba1a857fef13b92eb7a26a.png
Screaming [scream]  :scream: 4bb9d9213ea51786e92701d41631e60e.png
Angry [angry]  :angry: 25ae4d03ff81ee68931498f0b88cf4d6.png
Oops [oops]  :oops: 4764ff64271a401fc1c21fd5e145e1f1.png
Depressed [depress]  :depress: f68b6058964d543abd8d9dd346406417.png
Sweating [sweat]  :sweat: e66bc106b45d60c8a9c4c35338a0df44.png
Cold Sweating [cold sweat]  :csweat: e85087ee1e032e685002239d920e9cb2.png
Blushing [blushing]  :blush: 694725eaf16c57818ebfd272ed1d69ac.png
Crying [tears]  :tears: ae0d1d0088a4bf76acda3c7411ada074.png
Cheeky [roll]  :roll: b9c7e0c532cc6db10cf667603369ec9c.png
Stressed [stressed]  :stress: 513960b03a8a0f1487fb9cebcca56b98.png
Mad [mad]  :mad: a945e574f61edad66dca8dc7e48fe8dc.png
Sick [sick]  :sick: e0794ef494fe2330cb4e3940845d2f6c.png
Santa [santa]  :santa: 3043e3cbe1414eaaf157cca5e5515475.png
Mess [mess]  :s: 1ada15527995b3631e845d71a477bf41.png
Annoyed [annoyed]  :annoy: 39ea8efef483444e3d83c8d2f8d0f1cd.png


If you want to add colour to your text, You will always have to use "@ @". If you do not use it, then the colour will not work. Each colour command follows the same pattern. which is the first 3 letters of the colour you want to use, with a "@" symbol placed before and after it (no spaces).

If you use this command to add colour; instead of the traditional "White:" Etc, The text in the textbox will also show the colour.

The chart below will show you the name and how to make them.

Name Command
Red @[email protected]
White @[email protected]
Cyan @[email protected]
Blue @[email protected]
Green @[email protected]
Green 1 @[email protected]
Green 2 @[email protected]
Green 3 @[email protected]
Yellow @[email protected]
Black @[email protected]
Magenta @[email protected]
Orange 1 @[email protected]
Orange 2 @[email protected]
Orange 3 @[email protected]

Alternative Way of Adding Colour

The traditional way of adding colours on RuneScape and other servers, is to type the colour, or effect, followed by a ":", Etc. "White:".

With this method, you can add both a colour and an effect to the same message. For example, you can do a color "red:", and an effect "wave:". In order to do that, you ALWAYS have to do the colour first, then the effect, otherwise it will not work.

Example: green:wave2:This is an example.

Below is a list of all the colours, and their codes.

Name Command
Red Red:
Purple Purple:
White White:
Cyan (light blue) Cyan:
Green Green:
Glow 1 Glow1:
Glow 2 Glow2:
Glow 3 Glow3:
Flash 1 Flash1:
Flash 2 Flash2:
Flash 3 Flash3:
Scroll Scroll:
Wave Wave:
Wave 2 Wave2:
Shake Shake:
Slide Slide: