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Summoning isn't just for show. There are a number of summoning familiars that provide incredibly useful abilities in and out of combat. Gaining level 68, 96, or 99 summoning, in particular, can dramatically improve your combat abilities. Additionally, summoning familiars never expire or need to be renewed, so a single pouch can last for ever. This page lists all of the familiars with functional abilities.

Familiars not on this list are cosmetic only - they have no function and their scrolls will not work.

To use a scroll, click on the summoning icon. If you have sufficient points and the ability is not on cooldown, then it will activate.

Combat Familiars

Unlike in RuneScape, familiars in Etherum do not have auto-attacks. The only way for a familiar to fight is through the use of a scroll that causes it to do damage to a target. Currently, only one familiar has such a scroll - the Steel Titan:

Familiar Name Level Special Move Cost
bdN4Q6X.png Steel Titan 99 4 fast attacks, each with a max hit of 24 19 Summoning Points

There is a 4.8-second "cooldown" period between uses of Steel Titan scrolls.

Healing Familiars

Familiar Name Level Special Move Cost
E35wTA9.png Bunyip 68 Passively heals 1-15 hp every 15 seconds None
8Vr1uij.png Unicorn Stallion 88 Heals 15% of max hitpoints 19 Summoning Points

There is a 2.4-second "cooldown" period between uses of Unicorn Stallion scrolls.

Beasts of Burden

Storage for Combat

One of the most common categories of familiar is the Beast of Burden. Beasts of burden simply provide extra inventory slots by holding onto all types of food, potions, and bones for you. You can withdraw and deposit from them exactly like a bank.

Familiar Name Level Slots Special Move
JmYHHLA.png Thorny Snail 13 3 None
BUnkauV.png Spirit Kalphite 25 6 None
MNkZ7P3.png Bull Ant 40 9 None
2E3N2Cz.png Spirit Terrorbird 52 12 Restores run energy
Q3f8DfP.png War Tortoise 67 18 None
EiqkF3m.png Pack Yak 96 30 Use an item on the familiar to bank it instantly once every 5 minutes

Using certain items on the Pack Yak, such as potions, may cause all of that item in your inventory to be banked at once, rather than one at a time.

Storage for Runecrafting

The Abyssal summoning creatures act very similar to the regular beasts of burden, however, they can only store rune/pure essence. There is no real advantage to using these to train runecrafting.

Familiar Name Level Slots Special Move
0HjOuym.png Abyssal Parasite 54 7 None
o5fkfQN.png Abyssal Lurker 62 12 None
s2XU03I.png Abyssal Titan 93 20 None