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Participation points are points that are gained from basically playing the game. You get these points for doing many different things such as: Logging in Daily, Voting, Skilling, Completing slayer tasks, Spotting crashed stars and Bossing. To see how many Participation Points you have, you can either trade Ariane the Participation Points store owner or go to the quest tab, click on the information section, and then scroll down until you find the "Points" title, underneath this you should find your Participation points.


Obtaining the Points

Logging In Daily

Every day that you log in you will recieve 100 Participation points. A day counts as when the sever's day resets. So you don't necessarily have to wait 24 hours between getting your points.



Every time that you vote you will receive some Participation Points. If you vote on all the Sites available you will receive 210 Participation Points along with 12 Vote points.



When skilling you will receive some Skilling and Participation Points. You will receive the 2 Participation Points on average around every 500K of Experience that you gain in non-combat skills.


Completing Slayer Tasks

On Completion of a Slayer Task you will receive anywhere from 20-40 Participation Points. you also receive some Slayer Points.



When bossing, you will receive a 10 Participation Points for every 10 bosses you kill. You may also get a small cash reward from killing a set amount of Bosses.


Finding A Crashed Star

Every 45 Minutes a Shooting Star will fall somewhere on Etherum. If you are the First to Locate this star Then you will receive 150 Participation Points.

oUGeolC.png NxCVmgi.png


You can receive Participation Points when you redeem a donation that you have made. The amount you get varies according to how much you donate, you will recieve more Participation Points per dollar spent with larger donations. The amounts you recieve can be found below.

  • $5 = 300 Participation Points
  • $10 = 700 Participation Points
  • $20 = 1.5k Participation Points
  • $35 = 2.5k Participation Points
  • $50 = 3.5k Participation Points
  • $100 = 7k Participation Points
  • $150 = 12k Participation Points
  • $200 = 14.5k Participation Points
  • $500 = 33.5k Participation Points

To get to the donating page all you need to do is go on the home page and find the "Donate" Button. Then click on the "Premium Points" Button.

Then simply choose the amount you would like and type in the correct username. Double Checking that is is The correct username. Remember it is illegal to Donate for Other Players.


Once have Completed your Donation then you must click Redeem Donation in the help desk in-game.

Spending Participation Points

The Participation points shop is at Home, North West of the bank by the General Store. The NPC who runs the store is called "Ariane".


Trade Ariane to see her store.


Item Name Price Tradable Use
4E7mNFV.png Christmas Cracker 60K Yes Rewards a Partyhat when opened.
Armadyl Godsword Ornament Kit 15K Yes Increases melee stats on Armadyl Godsword.
Bandos Godsword Ornament Kit 15K Yes Increase melee stats on Bandos Godsword.
Saradomin Godsword Ornament Kit 15K Yes Increase melee stats on Saradomin Godsword.
Zamorak Godsword Ornament Kit 15K Yes Increase melee stats on Zamorak Godsword.
n2km7o1.png Dwarf Cannon Set 15k Yes Can be used to fight NPC's
Barrows Gloves 15K No Great gloves to be worn for combat.
Holy Elixir 12K Yes Used to bless a Spirit Shield.
GfRG4MD.png Charming Imp 10k No Collects Charms of the ground from NPC's that you have killed.
jsSTOSJ.png Bonesack 9k Yes Collects bones that monsters drop.
t7j3wsE.png Baby Troll 7k No Pet that can be feed items.
K1EQZPn.png Bonecrusher 5k Yes Buries bones that NPC's drop automatically.
GSXDnR8.png Blue Elegant Shirt 3.5k Yes Male cosmetic top.
bgtAKMG.png Blue Elegant Legs 3.5k Yes Male cosmetic legs.
Barrage Chest 3K Yes Gives runes.
OHeSptV.png Blue Elegant Blouse 1.5k Yes Female cosmetic top.
aRsKssK.png Blue Elegant Skirt 1.5k Yes Female cosmetic legs.
i6sPmiE.gif Reset Lamp 1k Yes Can be used to reset a skills level.
nkgSUXJ.png (100x) Dreadnip 1k No Attacks whatever you are attacking for a short while.
Puzzle Solver Package 1K Yes Solves a puzzle on a Clue Scroll step.
VHwoUBF.png Rune Pouch 750 No Stores up to 16k runes for 3 different runes.
Mystery Box 500 Yes Rewards random items.
w6NAK7i.png 10 Yell credits 250 Yes Using this item will grant you 10 yell credits.
bfMvxyh.png Summoning Ring 250 Yes Reduces summoning special drain rate by 50% at cost of 1 charges. Restore 2 summoning points every 12 seconds. 25% of chance of saving a scroll when using the special. Has 100 charges.
yVYRkZK.png Box of summoning ingredients 250 No Opening the box will grant you up random amount of charms.
kV6RE2M.png Grave teleport 40 No Teleports to where you last died.
Nu1ClMK.png Magic Note Paper 5 No When used on an item, it turn them into noted form.
DGo7gHG.png Armadyl Rune 3 No Used to cast the powerful "Storm of Armadyl" spell.