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Player killing is a great way to get your adrenanline pumping and provides great enjoyment. This can either be done on your own or with a team of friends.


There are lots of chances to gain extra rewards from killing players and not just from looting them. players will gain 100K in their pouch for every target kill and 50k for every Rougue kill.

Players also get random cash rewards for being top of a few leaderboards.

20M for most PK kills in the day.

10M for highest kill streak in the day.

2M for the most Player killing points in 30 minutes.

Every kill a player gets you also have a chance at getting a "lucky" item or a Statuette as a drop. The Satuettes can be sold to Artisan at ::shops for a good price.

EP stands for Earning Potential, its the potential rate of a player earning a valuable drop from someone else in the wild.

The charity well is located right beside Akrisae at ::home. To activate the well you need a total of 30m cash and it lasts for 3 hours, multiple players can donate to activate the well.


There are 3 different types of skulls within Etherum. They all grant different bonuses when in the Wilderness. To choose between differant skulls type ::skull in your game chat.

White skull grants the player 50% PKP and 50% Blood Coins if you get a kill. This is the normal skull you will get when attacking another player. You can protect one item through prayer. isUPj68.png

Grey skull grants the player 100% PKP and 100% Blood Coins. However with this skull you cant teleport or walk out of the wilderness. You can still protect one item through prayer. UEzhNfd.png

Red skull grants the player 150% PKP and 150% Blood Coins. However with this skull you will lose every item upon death no matter what protection pray you are using. e6EADpm.png

Variable Factors

There are a few variable factors that will change the amount of Blood Coins or PKP a player will get when they kill a player. The factors that determine how much PKP and Blood Coins you get per fight are based off your skull and if you're fighting a target, when fighting a target you get more blood coins.

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