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Player Killing Locations are places in Etherum in which you have the ability to attack a fellow player. There are multiple of these to be found within Etherum, many of them being in the wilderness. There are also different types of PK Locations, some are single way combat, only allowing one on one fights to occur. While others again allow for multiple people to be attacking a single player. To know if you are in a multi-combat-zone, look in the bottom right of your screen. If you see two crossed swords, you're in a multi-zone.



There are a lot of teleports that will place you in fairly active areas in The Wilderness.


Green Dragons

  • Multi Combat Zone.
  • This spot is in the wilderness at a level of about 20. This location is very popular and highly visited from pkers.
  • You get here by accessing the PK teleports section within your spell book.



  • Multi Combat Zone.
  • Sitting at a level of around 40 wilderness, this spot is not as popular with Pkers as Green Dragons, but it is still visited regularly by Pk clans and lone wolf pkers all the time.
  • You get here by teleporting through the PK teleports section within your spell book.
  • Also located here are so called Avatars, hence the name of the PKing location. For more info on Avatars, visit here.


Mage Bank

  • You get here through your Pk Teleports in your spellbook.
  • This spot is a little different, as it is not directly a Pking location on its own. But instead, it leads off to two possible Pking locations. Which are listed below.
  • Bank booths are available in this area.
  • The Mage Bank also gives you the available option to receive a Zamorak, Saradomin, or Guthix god cape. Simply click on the sparkling pool to the north, and run along the cave until you see three statues (Zamorak, Saradomin, and Guthix). Now to get a god cape, pray at one of the three statues, and you will be given a god cape, depending on which statue you prayed at.


Kolodion teleport

  • Single Way Combat
  • This teleports you to an arena located in 50+ wilderness. In it are multiple mages and a large demon called "Kolodion".
  • Since this place is almost never visited unless someone wants to test his skills against a couple enemies, It is not suggested to come here for Pking purposes.


Deep wilderness teleport

  • Single Way Combat.
  • By pulling the lever inside the mage bank area, you will be teleported to a small, semi collapsed building, high up in the wilderness at a staggering level of 60.
  • A few players will pass by this area as an elite clue scroll has a step that leads them into the deep Wilderness.




  • Edgeville is currently the most popular playing killing location.
  • It is single combat, meaning a player can only be engaged in a fight with one other player, not multiple others.
  • To get there, simply teleport Home, then run north until you find the Wilderness Ditch. Once you cross this ditch, you will be in the wilderness, thus being able to be attacked by other players.


Clan wars

  • Clan Wars is a Etherum mini-game.
  • Clan Wars is a safe mini-game, but around the mini-game, it is a Wilderness area and you can get attacked.
  • To get there, click on your quest tab and on the Mini-Games Icon (Red Circle). Then click Clan Wars.
  • Multi way combat



East Dragons

  • This Pk location is east of clan wars at level 28 wild.


Moss Giants Green Hills

  • "The Mound"
  • Level 40 wilderness
  • Single Combat


Greater Demons


  • This area is level 51 wilderness
  • It is known as the ruins.
  • Multi Combat

Chaos Temple


  • This area is level 20 wilderness
  • Single way combat

Forgotten Cemetary


  • Level 34 Wilderness
  • Single way combat