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Sir Vant at Edgeville was designed to be a combat training area for beginning players. It is essentially a minigame where you will be assigned a monster to kill. You then have to kill that monster within the time limit. It is highly recommended that beginners train here, as not only is it great experience, the loot you can recieve is very handy for all skills, and the points you earn here can go towards some decent armour and equipment.

Getting to the Dungeon

To get to the dungeon, you will need to talk with Sir Vant, who is located just outside of the Edgeville Bank.


Sir Vant will charge player's 1,000 coins per combat level (100 per combat level for hardcore ironmen), so this can range from 3k, for levels 3's to 138k, for maxed players. Players that have less than 5 hours of play time on their account will not have to pay anything to enter the area.

Inside the Dungeon

Once inside the dungeon, Sir Vant will assign a monster for the player to kill. The time given to kill your assigned monster is 30 seconds plus an extra amount based on distance from player. (up to 45 seconds maximum)



Image NPC Hit Points Slayer Experience
MOaI6Js.png Abyssal Demon 150 11,250
Vh9siTP.png Black Bear 25 1,250
5oPw3KI.png Cave Bug 20 1,500
N1VDvER.png Crawling Hand 16 800
OIoniwz.png Cyclops 80 4,000
GOlSQ1i.png Dark Beast 220 11,000
lUSdz7B.png Dire Wolf 86 4,300
GfSf48k.png Dust Devil 105 5,250
04VuTde.png Earth Warrior 60 3,000
G8eZ1tk.png Fire Giant 111 8,325
3QwolHr.png Ghost 25 1,250
xMjzyua.png Giant Bat 32 1,600
oOeS9ly.png Giant Spider 26 1,300
fy8WnIB.png Goblin 5 250
LUWxR74.png Greater Demon 187 9,350
7ZRnHUI.png Guard Dog 49 2,450
Unf1OoF.png Harpie Bug Swarm 25 1,875
sO9a0OB.png Jelly 75 3,750
WCN3lgB.png Jungle Spider 50 3,750
6DMEzXh.png Lesser Demon 79 3,950
jCLPs4a.png Monkey 6 300
XFlZzJW.png Moss Giant 60 3,000
jynnXk7.png Rock Crab 30 1,500
R1cgCcO.png Scorpion 17 850
WIPX8Yr.png Skeleton 29 1,450
Xc9Bs5e.png Troll 91 4,550
3cxWvQy.png Zombie 31 1,550


All the monsters inside this training area share a drop table. Some items on this drop table are basic skilling resources, regular armour up to runite, as well as Dragon scimitars, and Dragon Daggers (p++). Ironmen receive half the usual amount when they recieve stackable items.

If you are running out of space in your inventory, you are able to note the items by using them on Sir Vant, at a cost of 500 coins each item. This cost is adjusted for hardcore ironmen.


Upon killing an assigned monster, the player gains:

  • 1 training point
  • A task streak point (up to a maximum of 5)
  • 50% of max life restored
  • 5 prayer points restored
  • 20 run energy restored
  • Slayer XP
  • A random loot

Task Streak

Once players reach a 5 point task streak, they will recieve 2 training points and a random effect for a limited period of time. These will be listed below.

Possible effects

Effect Duration Ironmen Duration
Faster Attacks Lasts for 45 seconds. Lasts for 31 seconds.
4x Experience Lasts for 30 seconds. Lasts for 21 seconds.
Instant kill Lasts for 30 seconds. Lasts for 21 seconds.
Max hits Lasts for 40 seconds. Lasts for 28 seconds.
Infinite special effect Lasts for 40 seconds. Lasts for 28 seconds.
Immortality Lasts for 60 seconds. Lasts for 42 seconds.

Training Dunegon Store

Training points can be spent by trading Sir Vant outside of the dungeon, this store offers useful equipment, which can further benefit newer players.


Tips & Tricks

  • When you gain the 'Instant kill' effect, you could run towards the highest level monsters and kill them instantly for maximum combat xp. You'll 1 hit every single monster with ranging, magic or melee, if you have gear or not, even if you are level 3. Just remember that it is still possible to miss your attack.


  • Looting while trying to keep your streak may be difficult. You can counter this by using tele-grab spells, as this spell does not interupt your combat.
  • Many bones will drop so a bonecrusher is a very useful item here.

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