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Yelling on Etherum allows a player to send a global message to the server in which everyone online will be able to see it, unless they have their "Shout" option switched to off.

Are there any requirements to customize your own yell?

The only requirement for customizing a yell is that you must be a donator. You can purchase donor status from the website here or you can purchace either a Donator ticket, or a Super Donator ticket from players in-game.

Where can I change it?

You can open the interface that allows you to change your yell in the quest tab. It is located in the Help desk section and under the title "Customization". Simply select the "Customize yell" button and the interface will open.


What can you change there?

The interface will allow you to create a title for yourself which will be shown before your name when you yell. You can also change the colour of this title, aswell as the colour of the message.

You can use multiple colours in your title by using the colour commands.

Once you are satisfied with your choices click on the Submit button to save your work.


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