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Barrows is a Minigame from which you can kill the six barrows brothers, in able to receive barrows armour and weapons. You have to kill five of the brothers, then go down the tunnels , find the middle, and kill the final sixth barrows brother, to then be able to open the chest, gaining the loot, and teleing back onto the surface. There is no set place in which hill the tunnel will be in, it could change every time.

A spade is required to dig on the hills, in able to go down to search the Sarcophagus. You can get the spade located in the General Store at Edgeville:



How To Get There

Method 1: The first method to get there, is by using the worldmap Teleport, that is located in the top right corner by the minimap:


Method 2: The second method is by teleporting to Barrows through the Quest Tab:


Then click the Minigame Icon:


Finally, select "Barrows":


Map of Barrows

Below is a map of Barrows, with the places on which Barrow brother is where:


Below is the map of the tunnels, the chest is located in the middle:


The Brothers

Ahrim the Blighted:


Dharok the Wretched:


Guthan the Infested:


Karil the Tainted:


Torag the Corrupted:


Verac the Defiled:


For a more detailed guide on the Barrow Brothers you can click here. This guide will also show you the recommended gear set-ups.


Below is a table of the loot that you may possibly get: