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Fight Pits is a safe Minigame in which you can kill players to become the Champion of Fight Pits. You will not lose items if you die in Fight Pits. This is also used to make an Onyx Ring into an Onyx Ring (I), if you are wearing one when you become the Champion.

How To Get There

Method 1: The first method to get there, is by using the Minigame Teleport, that is located in the Spellbook:

RnEPzVS.png RqskVrm.png 7dRbuCY.png

Then select "Fight Pits":


Method 2: The second method is by teleporting to Fight Pits through the Quest Tab:


Then click the Minigame Icon:


Finally, select "Fight Pits":


How To Play

When you first arrive, you will be placed near a banker, so if you didn't gear before you teleported here, you can easily gear before you enter. To enter the Minigame, click on the Hot Vent Door:


You will be placed in the waiting room, which is shown below:


To start a game you need at least 3 players within the waiting room.

You will have to wait 30 seconds in able for you to be placed into the Fighting Arena, the time you will have to wait, the current Champion, and the number of players are shown in the top-left hand corner of the screen:


Once you have entered the Arena, there is another set time that you will have to wait in able to start fighting, this allows you to prepare for the battle ahead. This will be shown when you enter the Arena:


After the time limit has gone, TzHaar-Hur will announce when you can start:



If you win against someone you will gain Tokkul for your efforts, the more players that are in the Minigame and that you defeat, the more tokkul you will gain. If you are wearing an Onyx Ring (I) your reward will be boosted and you will also be shown as the champion, this can be seen below:



Also if you win at Fight Pits, there is a chance that you can get one of the items below if 5 people have participated in the Fight Pits with you:


If you lose against the opponents, you will still gain tokkul as a reward, but it will be very low: