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 This is the regular Agility guide, the guide for ironman / hardcore ironman players can be found here.

Agility is a skill that allows for faster run energy restoration. The higher you train it the faster your energy restores. At level 1 agility, run energy recharges at approximately 1 percent per 7.5 seconds whereas at level 99 agility, the rate is 1 energy per 2 seconds.

Agility is a very straight forward skill, as all you need to do is run laps around the Agility courses. This and the fact that you do not need any items to use the courses often make this skill one of the first that are trained.

How to get to the Agility courses

Click on the world map icon in the top right corner. p5WpixQ.png

Then click the "Skilling" option and click the Agility course you would like to go to.

Gnome Agility Course gives more experience and has no level requirement.


Experience Rates

Agility works differently to all other skills, as the experience you receive for passing each obstacle increases as you gain levels in the Skill. So you will get a different amount of experience for completing a lap depending on your level.

To work out how much experience you will receive per obstacle, just multiply your level with the level multiplier shown in the tables below.

Gnome Agility Course


Name Level Multiplier Exp at 1 Exp at 99
Log Balance 70 70 3.465
1st Obstacle Net 70 70 3.465
1st Tree Branch 50 50 2.475
Balancing Rope 70 70 3.465
2nd Tree Branch 50 50 2.475
2nd Obstacle Net 80 80 3.960
Obstacle Pipe 70 70 3.465
Lap Bonus 400 400 19.800
Total 860 860 42.570

Note: When you reach level 99, xp will get reduced by half, this XP reduction has already been calculated in the table above.

Barbarian Agility Course

Once you reach level 58 Agility, you can go to the Barbarian Agility Course. However, this agility course gives less experience than the Gnome Agility Course but you will get more GP and tickets if you decide to train here.


Name Level Multiplier Exp at 58 Exp at 99
Rope Swing 70 4.060 3465
Log Balance 50 8.700 7.425
Obstacle Net 70 4.060 3.465
Balancing Ledge 50 8.700 7.425
1st Crumbling Wall 60 3.480 2.970
2nd Crumbling Wall 60 8.700 7.425
Lap Bonus / / /
Total 360 37.700 32.175

Note: When you reach level 99, xp will get reduced by half, this XP reduction has already been calculated in the table above.

Agility Tickets and Rewards

Upon completing a full lap around either of the two courses, you will receive 0-6 Agility Arena Tickets as well as a cash reward. You can trade the tickets to Pirate Jackie the Fruit for some rewards. She can be found around both Agility courses.


Trade Pirate Jackie the Fruit at any of the Agility courses to open the Agility Shop.


Note: The Combat Ring degrades after 12 hours of combat.

Useful Items and Boosts

Picture Item/Boost Effect How to Obtain
xVXdMcX.png Knowledge Effect All experience gained will be increased by:
  • 75% for 10 minutes for normal donators
  • 100% for 20 minutes for super donators
  • 110% for 40 minutes for extreme donators
Go to the Donator Zone, in the building to the west of the bank and click on the Defence Totem (Knowledge effect).
lfuNflP.gif Bonus Experience All experience gained will be multiplied by 3 until the bonus experience runs out.
  • Logging in every day grants 200k Bonus Exp.
  • Every 10th vote streak rewards you with 500k Bonus Exp.
  • Purchase 1m Bonus Exp for 5k premium points.
N/A Monthly Bonus All experience gained is multiplied by 1.25 Play during the 1st to the 5th of every month.
JuxLN6w.png Brawling Gloves (Agility) Doubles all Agility experience gained.
  • Dropped by all Revenants.
  • Dropped by all Avatars.
  • Received as a Voting Sortition Reward.
  • Bought from the skilling point store.
  • At random from a Brawler Chest.
xCl1bJ1.gif Graceful set Provides 20% agility bonus experience.

The Graceful set will provide bonus experience multiplier if used alongside brawling gloves (agility).
Buy from the donator shop (if it's in the monthly rotation) or buy from other players.

Agility Pet

You can get an agility pet at random while doing agility, there is no further known rate on getting the pet.

The agility pet is called Giant Squirrel.


The Skill Cape

If you reach level 99 in Agility, you can talk to the Wise Old Man at home to obtain the Skill cape. He is located at home, in the building north of the bank.

vmVhTcJ.png 6mSHUI9.png

The skillcape costs 30 million coins and comes with a matching hood. Both the Agility cape and hood give +9 bonus to all defense stats.

If you reach 200m experience in the Agility skill you will also unlock the ability to buy the Master Agility Cape. It is exactly the same as the normal Skill cape. However, you can adjust the trim colour to whatever you like. This master skillcape costs 80 million coins.



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