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 This is the regular Cooking guide, the guide for ironman / hardcore ironman players can be found here.

Cooking is an artisan skill that allows a player to cook raw food into food that you can eat to heal lost Hitpoints. Cooking goes hand in hand with the Fishing skill. By levelling up Cooking you are able to cook higher level food which will heal more Hitpoints.

Cooking is very straight forward. The only thing you need to do is use a food on a range. The only problem with cooking is that it is very slow paced as you get little experience compared to other skills.

Cooking Calculator

Cooking Calculator:

Your Cooking Level    
Your Cooking XP    
Target Level    
Target XP    
Sea Turtle
Manta Ray

Experience Table

The table below shows the cooking exp of each food item.

Fish Name Level Required Experience Gained
EEMbGM8.gif Shrimps 1 24
r4AcHws.gif Anchovies 1 24
RzpWfnK.gif Sardine 1 99
gCAa3yu.gif Herring 5 199
yyDuEuR.png Mackerel 10 247
DJQr28Z.png Cod 18 312
KB0KL9t.gif Trout 20 312
r4yInn9.png Pike 20 367
idqaUuO.png Salmon 25 404
iMgUyKR.gif Tuna 30 510
sFoNeNM.png Lobster 40 787
5TqKf29.png Karambwan 40 4.000
OKIOXaN.png Bass 40 912
NZp1mEi.gif Swordfish 45 1.010
WEI7vUY.png Shark 80 1.577
vUUMcYU.png Sea Turtle 82 1.828
j06S5ui.png Anglerfish 84 4.841
IOnxXO7.png Manta Ray 91 2.025
e6h78ri.gif Rocktail 92 2.550

Note: When you reach level 99, xp will get reduced by half.

All though Karambwans give more experience than all other food, they can only be fished in the wilderness which makes acquiring them very difficult.

Where to Cook

Cooking can only be done on Cooking Ranges, there are only three Cooking Ranges that are close enough to a bank to be worth using here at Etherum.

These Cooking Ranges are located at:


One is located in Catherby, which is the furthest from the bank out of the 3 suggested. However, is close to the teleport.


Donator Zone

Another range is located in the Donator Zone (only available for in-game donators). This is much closer to the bank than Catherby and other players are often nearby which could help pass time if you want to converse with them.


Cooking Guild

The best area to train Cooking is located south west of the Grand Exchange, this is the Cooking Guild. It is incredibly close to the bank.


Useful Items and Boosts

Picture Item/Boost Effect How to Obtain
xVXdMcX.png Knowledge Effect All experience gained will be increased by:
  • 75% for 10 minutes for normal donators
  • 100% for 20 minutes for super donators
  • 110% for 40 minutes for extreme donators
Go to the Donator Zone, in the building to the west of the bank and click on the Defence Totem (Knowledge effect).
lfuNflP.gif Bonus Experience All experience gained will be multiplied by 3 until the bonus experience runs out.
  • Logging in every day grants 200k Bonus Exp.
  • Every 10th vote streak rewards you with 500k Bonus Exp.
  • Purchase 1m Bonus Exp for 5k premium points.
N/A Monthly Bonus All experience gained is multiplied by 1.25 Play during the 1st to the 5th of every month.
KojXsUT.png Brawling Gloves (Cooking) Doubles all cooking experience gained.
  • Dropped by all Revenants.
  • Received as a Voting Sortition Reward.
  • Bought from the skilling point store.
  • At random from a Brawler Chest.
lLOVFaM.png Cooking Gauntlets Decreases the chance of burning food. Bought from the agility ticket shop.
xMsXWDx.png Cooking Skillcape Provides 25% chance to cook two raw fish at the same time. Bought from the Wise Old Man (after 99 cooking)
UCQmc9O.png Chef's hat Provides 50% more experience gained Purchased from Voting store.
dL9hrza.png White apron Provides 25% more experience gained and boosts cooking speed by 1 tick. Purchased from Voting store.

Cooking Gauntlets vs. Brawling Gloves (Cooking)

When you have both the Cooking Gauntlets and the Brawling Gloves (Cooking), it is tough to decide which one you should be using, as they both have useful benefits.

If you are going purely for fast experience, Brawling Gloves (Cooking) would be a better option. Even though you will be burning fish, the bonus experience you get from the Brawling Gloves is more than enough make up for this loss.

However, if you just want a nice supply of food. You'll be better off using Cooking Gauntlets.

The Skill Cape

If you reach level 99 in Cooking, you can talk to the Wise Old Man at home to obtain the Skill cape. He is located at home, in the building north of the bank.

vmVhTcJ.png 6mSHUI9.png

The skillcape costs 30 million coins and comes with a matching hood. Both the Cooking cape and hood give +9 bonus to all defense stats.

If you reach 200m experience in the Cooking skill you will also unlock the ability to buy the Master Cooking Cape. It is exactly the same as the normal Skill cape. However, you can adjust the trim colour to whatever you like. This master skillcape costs 80 million coins.



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