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 This is the regular Fishing guide, the guide for ironman / hardcore ironman players can be found here.

Fishing is a skill which involves catching fish from selected spots around Etherum. Higher Fishing levels allow for better fish to be caught and also increases a player's catch rate. The fish that you catch may be cooked using the Cooking skill to create food which may be used later to regain hitpoints during combat. Fishing is also a good way to make money, as players often want to buy the raw fish to train their cooking levels.

Getting Fishing Supplies

Each fish requires a specific set of equipment in order to be caught. There are three fishermen in Etherum, one in Catherby another one in Karamja, and the last is in the Donator Zone. These Fishermen sell the equipment used for fishing


You can find what equipment is needed to catch each fish in the table below.

Fish Name Equipment Required Level Required Experience Gained Located in
IhS75Vd.png Raw Shrimps Small Fishing Net 1 100 Catherby, Karamja, Draynor, Donator Zone
Pdy3IlG.png Raw Sardine Fishing Rod + Bait 5 250 Catherby, Karamja, Draynor, Donator Zone
wIQcpqt.png Raw Mackerel Big fishing Net 16 750 Catherby, Karamja, Draynor, Donator Zone
BDwXJdc.png Raw Trout Fly Fishing Rod + Feather 20 900 Catherby, Karamja, Draynor
3lphFDh.png Raw Pike Fishing Rod + Bait 25 1,250 Catherby, Karamja, Draynor
mbH2IL7.png Raw Tuna Harpoon 35 1,600 Catherby, Karamja, Draynor
MyFWdMm.png Raw Lobster Cage 40 2,650 Catherby, Karamja, Draynor, Donator Zone
vdTwdXK.png Raw Swordfish Harpoon 50 4,250 Karamja, Donator Zone
DxSQSvW.png Raw Karambwan Small fishing net 65 12,300 Bandit Camp(Wilderness)
U8pXmhz.png Raw Shark Harpoon 76 4,800 Catherby, Karamja, Draynor, Donator Zone
QuCfI95.png Raw Anglerfish Fishing Rod + Sandworms (Ressource Area) 84 14,889 Ressource Area (Wilderness - Sandworms and Fishing Rod)
rhEkAhM.png Raw Manta ray Harpoon (Karamja), Big Fishing Net (All other places) 85 9,300 Karamja, Donator Zone, Bandit Camp (Wilderness - bait)
EVyXiQo.png Raw Rocktail Cage 95 8,350 Donator Zone, Bandit Camp(Wilderness)

Note: When you reach level 99, xp will get reduced by half.

Fishing Areas

There are currently 6 main areas to train up fishing: Draynor, Catherby, Karamja, Bandit Camp, Ressource Area and Donator Zone.


To get to Catherby, go to the Skill Training Teleports choose Draynor.


The image below shows the map and what you can fish in Draynor.



To get to Catherby, go to the Skill Training Teleports choose Catherby.


The image below shows the map and what you can fish in Catherby.



To get to Karamja, go to the Skill Training Teleports and teleport to Karamja.


The image below shows the map and what you can fish in Karamja.


Bandit Camp

However, The Bandit Camp is located in the Wilderness so it is very dangerous to fish here as you might get killed by another player.

To get to the Bandit Camp, go to the Player Killing Teleports and teleport to Bandit Camp.


This is what you can fish at Bandit camp:


Ressource Area

To get to ressource Area, TP to Mage Bank, bring a sharp weapon to cut spider webs outside of Mage Bank, then walk East until you pass the ravine and get to the door, which you can either peek or pass for 2.5m gp

This is what it looks like inside


Donator Zone

You can get to the Donator Zone by using the "Donator Zone" teleport which is found in the Donator section of the Quest Tab or by typing ::dz. When you arrive from your teleport, simply run north and you will see a fishing spot in the river.



All though Karambwans and Anglerfishes give more experience than all other fishes, they can only be fished in the wilderness, which makes acquiring them very difficult.

Useful Items and Boosts

Picture Item/Boost Effect How to Obtain
xVXdMcX.png Knowledge Effect All experience gained will be increased by:
  • 75% for 10 minutes for normal donators
  • 100% for 20 minutes for super donators
  • 110% for 40 minutes for extreme donators
Go to the Donator Zone, in the building to the west of the bank and click on the Defence Totem (Knowledge effect).
lfuNflP.gif Bonus Experience All experience gained will be multiplied by 3 until the bonus experience runs out.
  • Logging in every day grants 200k Bonus Exp.
  • Every 10th vote streak rewards you with 500k Bonus Exp.
  • Purchase 1m Bonus Exp for 5k premium points.
N/A Monthly Bonus All experience gained is multiplied by 1.25 Play during the 1st to the 5th of every month.
QWu6zTq.png Brawling Gloves (Fishing) Doubles all fishing experience gained.
  • Dropped by all Revenants.
  • Dropped by all Avatars.
  • Received as a Voting Sortition Reward.
  • Bought from the Skilling Points store.
  • At random from a Brawler Chest.

Fishing Pet

You can get a fishing pet at random while fishing, there is no further known rate on getting the pet.

The fishing pet is called the Heron.


The Skill Cape

If you reach level 99 in Fishing, you can talk to the Wise Old Man at home to obtain the Skill cape. He is located at home, in the building north of the bank.

vmVhTcJ.png 6mSHUI9.png

The skillcape costs 30 million coins and comes with a matching hood. Both the Fishing cape and hood give +9 bonus to all defense stats.

If you reach 200m experience in the Fishing skill you will also unlock the ability to buy the Master Fishing Cape. It is exactly the same as the normal Skill cape. However, you can adjust the trim colour to whatever you like. This master skillcape costs 80 million coins.



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