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 This is the regular Smithing guide, the guide for ironman / hardcore ironman players can be found here.

Smithing is a production skill through which players may create a wide variety of metal items from ore and metal bars. It is the companion skill of Mining, as the ores are acquired from Mining are smelted into metal bars at furnaces, and then hammered into items at anvils. Many smithable items are useful for combat, completing clue scrolls and can even be used to make a lot of money.

Getting Supplies

In order to train Smithing, you will need a hammer, and the ores that you will be working with. To get a hammer, you can either buy one in the general store or you will need to go to North Neitiznot to get here click on the world map button. p5WpixQ.png


Once there, talk to Miner Magnus to buy a pickaxe and a hammer.

5MyHT.jpg IaH6FT3.png

The ores can either be acquired by Mining them yourself, or by buying them from other players.

Training Smithing


Smelting is the process of turning ore into smithable bars, to do this a player must click on a furnace and select which bar they want to create. Unlike Runescape, you do not need coal to smelt any of the materials. This means you can make steel bars with a single iron ore.


When you have bars, the next step is to use them on an anvil to transform them into either weapons/armours or coins. Making bars into coins is not only a good way to get money, but also gives the most experience.

Where to Train

There are two places that are decent for training Smithing.

North Neitiznot

The first is North Neitiznot, although there is no bank here. This is the best place for non-donators to both Smelt and Smith your materials and this also allows you to train Mining at the same time.


Donator Zone

The Donator Zone is available to donators only, this area is far better for training Smithing, than anywhere else. This is not only because there are the rocks for Mining outside, but there is also a bank nearby. The furnace, and anvil are located in the small room just north of the bank.


Smithing experience table

Smithing ores to bars and bars to coins is the fastest way to train smithing. A pickaxe is required to mine ores and a hammer is required to turn bars into coins or armour.

Remember that upon reaching level 99, gained XP will be reduced by 50%.

Required level Bar Required ore(s) Ore to bar XP Bar to coins XP Coins gained
1 a4bcl3r.png Bronze TDLSAah.png ON0q6Wo.png Tin & Copper 120 376 CkiVXNP.png 1875
15 d4Vl1yW.png Iron wMDqp6E.png Iron 260 1111 CkiVXNP.png 2625
20 NzUDLhx.png Silver MAjr4Tb.png Silver* 300 - -
30 R8p64eF.png Steel wMDqp6E.png Iron 360 1792 CkiVXNP.png 3750
40 HH00Olh.png Gold 18fbPy8.png Gold* 460 - -
55 CIJBlTg.png Mithril 2Ksjfv5.png Mithril 600 3177 CkiVXNP.png 4125
70 8Kjn2pQ.png Adamant Yb9wsA5.png Adamant 760 3668 CkiVXNP.png 4875
85 6IuIEq8.png Rune wAY4B7d.png Rune 1000 4901 CkiVXNP.png 5625
* = silver and gold bars can not be smith into coins or armour.


Cannonball Experience

Image Name Level Required XP Given
sLzmurR.png Cannonball 1 3.600

Note: When you reach level 99, xp will get reduced by half.

Dragonfire shield Experience

Item Name Level Required XP Given
aW1ezJh.gif Dragonfire Shield 95 10,000

Note: When you reach level 99, xp will get reduced by half.

  • Non Donators will have to either buy Rune ore from other players, venture out into the wilderness for some, or keep Smithing Adamant bars until 99. This will take longer, but make you more profit.

Useful Items and Boosts

Picture Item/Boost Effect How to Obtain
xVXdMcX.png Knowledge Effect All experience gained will be increased by:
  • 75% for 10 minutes for normal donators
  • 100% for 20 minutes for super donators
  • 110% for 40 minutes for extreme donators
Go to the Donator Zone, in the building to the west of the bank and click on the Defence Totem (Knowledge effect).
lfuNflP.gif Bonus Experience All experience gained will be multiplied by 3 until the bonus experience runs out.
  • Logging in every day grants 200k Bonus Exp.
  • Every 10th vote streak rewards you with 500k Bonus Exp.
  • Purchase 1m Bonus Exp for 5k premium points.
N/A Monthly Bonus All experience gained is multiplied by 1.25 Play during the 1st to the 5th of every month.
poPcrOB.png Brawling Gloves (Smithing) Doubles all Smithing experience gained.
  • Dropped by all Revenants.
  • Received as a Voting Sortition Reward.
  • Bought from the skilling point store.
  • At random from a Brawler Chest.

The Skill Cape

If you reach level 99 in Smithing, you can talk to the Wise Old Man at home to obtain the Skill cape. He is located at home, in the building north of the bank.

vmVhTcJ.png 6mSHUI9.png

The skillcape costs 30 million coins and comes with a matching hood. Both the Smithing cape and hood give +9 bonus to all defense stats.

If you reach 200m experience in the Smithing skill you will also unlock the ability to buy the Master Smithing Cape. It is exactly the same as the normal Skill cape. However, you can adjust the trim colour to whatever you like. This master skillcape costs 80 million coins.



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