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Voting Information

Why do I vote?

Voting rewards you in-game with voting points that can be spent at Home as well as the chance to receive a random item as you claim your voting points. You have a 5% chance of obtaining an OSRS token from voting aswell as a rare chance on getting a 50k premium point ticket from it. Voting also benefits the server. The most votes that Etherum has, the higher on the server list it goes. The higher on the server list it goes, the more people see it. The more people see it, the higher the chance of new members joining.

Where can I vote?

You can vote on the forums and in-game.

  • On the forums it will show up in the bar at the top of the page.
  • And in-game you will have to go to your quest tab, then clicking on Vote.



  • You may vote every 12 hours.
  • It is illegal</b> to use a VPN to vote.

You will <b>not be rewarded with voting rewards if you do not actually vote.

Vote points

Different sites give different amounts of points.

Site Points
RuneLocus 3 points
Moparscape 1 Points
Top 100 Arena 2 points
RSPS 100 2 Points
RSPS List 2 Points

How To Vote

Step 1: Opening The Vote Page

  • Method 1:

Typing ::vote

  • Method 2

Typing ::voteredeem


  • Method 3

The Etherum forum/homepage which can be accessed here or here.

Step 2: Voting

  • Complete the shown CAPTCHA then click vote. After it votes click next.


  • Do this for all 5 voting websites to get maximum voting points. Once you reach the final website, instead of click next you will have a redeem button instead.


  • Next you will come back to the Etherum website, enter your in-game username into the box then click redeem reward.


Step 3: Redeeming Your Vote

  • Method 1:

Type ::redeem and ::voteredeem


  • Method 2:

Quest Tab > Redeem Vote


  • Once you redeem your vote, this should pop up in your chat-box.


How do I receive my reward?

While in-game, go to your quest tab and click the "redeem" button.

  • You will now get your voting points and a chance at a random item.


What You Get For Voting

  • Voting points to spend at the vote point store. There is also seasonal vote point items you can get, you can find more info on both of these here
  • Participation points to send at the participation point store, you can see the participation point store here
  • Vote streak rewards. After a certain streak you get rewarded with streak rewards.


If you miss one day of voting you will get a Vote Penalty. Your streak won't reset but to get rid of this penalty you will need to vote as many times as the penalty says. So if you have a 4 Vote streak penalty, you must vote 4 times before you start adding back onto your streak. You can check how high your streak is in the same place you check how many points you have.

  • Activity reward collection. Each time you vote you get an item from the activity reward collection. If you have streak penalty you will not receive anything. The activity reward collection items can be seen by doing so

Quest tab > Check activity rewards



  • Random (voting) rewards can be rewarded from this.
  • Voting lottery, you can be entered into the voting lottery which can reward you with very rare items, it is drawn automatically in-game every 12 hours.

Where can I spend my voting points?

You can spend these points by speaking to the Vote store at ::home.

  • He's an NPC that sells a lot of items in exchange for your voting points.
  • He is located to the west of Edge bank along the wall next to the premium points shop.


Seasonal Voting Shop

The seasonal voting shop is a shop that changes at the beginning of every month. This shop is also where you can spend your vote points. To get to the seasonal shop, trade the voting store and go to the "Seasonal" tab.



Where can I check how many voting points I have?

Go to your quest tab and click on the information sign, then scroll down to see your voting points/info.


Bonus XP, while voting

During the first 5 days of every month, when you vote you have increased xp gains.
You'll obtain 25% more xp for all skills (not just combat, but all!).

How to remove your vote penalty on your own?

If you have a vote penalty of higher than 15 you can go talk to the vote store at ::home, he will then give you the option to deduce your vote penalty.

cnBmo11.png Lmxq2QD.png

If your penalty is not higher than 15 you can reduce it by voting daily/every 12 hours or talk to a staff member. They will get your vote penalty removed.

Video About Voting