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Main page/Teams/Official Middleman Team

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Official Middleman List

Middleman leader Middleman recruiter Staff middleman Regular middleman
qLqFYj7.png Jaiz / Alt Scape FpKlVBZ.png Dannyx Died3.gif Icarly65 qMnQo9V.png Greetje
Died3.gif Iron Fun qMnQo9V.png Thomas
Died3.gif ShiroKurai
wQTMJ9L.png Azalea
wQTMJ9L.png Flashdevil11
wQTMJ9L.png Zoiezo

Requesting a middleman

When you are in-game you can type ::checkmms and private message one of the online middlemen. They will get to you as soon as they can.

If none of the middlemen are responding/online, then you can go to our ::discord and tag the official middleman there by using the '@official middleman' tag & request for a middleman to get online. Keep in mind that not all middlemen are in the same timezone and can not directly get online. So be sure to only only use this tag once every hour.

Becoming a middleman

If you think you're ready to become an official middleman, you can submit your application at here. Your application will be reviewed by the leaders and recruiters of the middleman group.