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The staff team consists of mature players who make the server a friendlier and better place by instilling deterrence or physical discipline towards rule-breakers. Etherum picks out its staff by discussing possible candidates among the current staff team, with the co-owner and administrator(s) of their respected location (ingame/forums) having the final decision. Depending on how well a staff member does, he or she may be further promoted in time. All our staff members are friendly, helpful and consistently working on improving the state of their respected staffing area.

Staff Rank Forum Crown In-game Crown Names
Owner vikC620.png qLqFYj7.png PB600
Co-Owner WDC2vph.gif qLqFYj7.png Jaiz
In-game Developer zwbf38b.png zwbf38b.png PB600 & Peixe
Forum Developer M56D7RZ.png N/A -
Forum Administrator vLzKYXP.png N/A Jaiz
Global Moderator kzz3sVq.png N/A Dannyx
Sectional Moderator 5OvpTBq.png N/A -
In-game Administrator DlXqfUt.png FpKlVBZ.png Dannyx
Elite Moderator aNdb50M.png 1HvjfE0.png -
In-Game Moderator NQOU5dt.png Died3.gif Icarly65 , Iron Fun & ShiroKurai
In-game Trial Moderator xErEw9r.png xErEw9r.png -
Server Support QUngq9U.png wQTMJ9L.png Azalea, Flashdevil11 & Zoiezo

Forum Staff Assignments

Staff Rank Assignment
Co-Owner Choose and manage the staff both in-game and on the forums.
Forum Administrator Work to moderate all players and staff on the shoutbox and on the forums.
Global Moderator Moderate all posts and threads on the forums.
Sectional Moderator Moderates all posts and threads of specific sections of the forums.

Ingame Staff Assignments

Staff Rank Assignment
Co-Owner Choose and manage the staff ingame, along with moderating staff decisions.
In-Game Administrator Moderate the actions of players and manage the staff team.
Elite Moderator Advanced moderator role that has more leverage in staffing ordeals.
In-Game Moderator Moderate all players in-game and take care of any rule breakers.
In-Game Trial Moderator Help moderate players along with Administrators and Moderators.
Server Support Server Support is the initial rank earned when you become staff on Etherum. They have no punishment abilities and are strictly server helpers.

In-Game staff commands

In-game staff members have many commands, which can be found Here.


  • If somebody tells you they're a staff member and they don't have any crown, then they are staff impersonating, which is illegal. So report them to a member of Staff. If no staff are online then create a player report Here.
  • You can check the in-game staff members online by doing ::staffonline.