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Torva set

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Torva armour is a set that requires 80 defense and 80 hitpoints to wear. Due to its powerful stats, the set was made difficult to obtain. Torva makes an excellent choice to wear if you go bossing and general PvM. Torva items do not degrade on Etherum. Wearing any piece of the Torva Set will provide tolerance to all minions at God-Wars locations.

Just like the Pernix set and Virtus set, Torva equipment offers a hitpoints boost. Each piece of the set gives an individual hitpoints boost which means you do not require the set to get the advantage. You can reach up to 139 hitpoints wearing a full Torva Set.

Items in Set

Getting Torva

There are two ways to obtain Torva equipment. These are Donating, and killing Nex.

Killing Nex

Nex is an incredibily difficult boss to kill and as such, was provided an amazing drop table to reward players who can manage to kill her. The most notable drops of course being the Nex sets. Each piece has about a 1/200 chance to be received as a drop from Nex.

Donating for Torva

You can buy the Torva Set from 'Daisies' the premium points store. The entire set costs 50,000 premium points plus a little extra depending on how much of the stock is left. You can obtain premium points through donating and getting vote streaks.


Hitpoints Boost

Image Item Hitpoints boost
6f3TrDP.png Torva full helm 6 hp
bZR0VrD.png Torva platebody 20 hp
qEOBmG4.png Torva platelegs 14 hp

Torva's Stats

A Full Torva Set


Individual Stats

Torva full helm


Torva platebody


Torva platelegs