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Vesta's plateskirt

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Tradable? Yes
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
High Alch 0
Weight 8.1 kg
Attack Bonuses
sdEBkXN.png pa2135t.png ZU9C9fE.png PABuuAJ.png NrjSBQ0.png
+3 +5 +5 -17 -4
Defence Bonuses
sdEBkXN.png pa2135t.png ZU9C9fE.png PABuuAJ.png NrjSBQ0.png
+86 +100 +112 -4 +118
Absorb Melee +4%
Absorb Magic +0%
Absorb Ranged +8%
Other Bonuses
bzMRhjZ.png tIXNubP.png VL3mICf.png d16Tcus.png Slot
+3 +0 +0 +0% W7lFOgC.png

There are two different versions of the Vesta's Plateskirt. These are corrupt and normal. They both have the same stats, the only difference is how they degrade. The corrupt version degrades after 30 minutes of being first worn, while the normal version will degrade after 30 minutes of combat. Vesta's is most commonly worn for Pking for this reason.

As with the Vesta's chainbody the Vesta's Plateskirt is a very powerful piece of equipment, both offensively and defencively. The Plateskirt requires level 78 Defence to wear. The only drawback to this armour is that it degrades.

How to Obtain


Both Vesta and Corrupt Vesta pieces can be obtained from killing Revenants, which are located in The Wilderness. Due to the revenants having a great drop table. Pker's are often wandering through the revenant cave, so only bring what you can afford to lose, if you are looking to travel here.


There is a chance to be awarded a Corrupt Vesta items upon getting a kill in the Wilderness.