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An aura offers a temporary effect, which cannot be paused. Also, if the account using an aura is logged out while the aura is activated, the timer will continue to run out. A limit of 5 auras can be enabled at once, players can only re-use an active aura when the aura has 5 minutes left to be depleted, or 10 minutes in case of Extreme Donators. Extreme Donators will also receive a 30% of boost on the aura duration.

How To Obtain

Auras are obtainable through skilling and all auras are tradable and stackable.

The Auras

Aura Effect Duration (Minutes) Rarity
kIww9GI.png Advanced knowledge You will now gain 30% of extra experience gain. 60 Medium
G2QHxYA.png Berserker Your melee accuracy is now increased by 10% outside of Duel Arena. 20 Hard
AwhGCWe.png Call of the sea Your chances of catching a fish is now 30% greater. 30 Easy
k0pSkIG.png Clue Hunter You will now have 5% of chances of gaining a Hard or Elite clue while skilling. 120 Hard
twAxB0W.png Corruption Your items degrading rate is now reduced by half. 120 Hard
H47hHno.png Devotion You will now absorb 10% of the damage inflicted against monster to your prayer points. 60 Hard
tYAOKvC.png Energy gleam Your run energy will not be drained. 20 Medium
KIATZ1X.png Flame proof You will burn food with a 50% lower rate while cooking. 60 Easy
j6I10cQ.png Flaming hand You will now cook 4 foods in one action, but no extra experience is gained. 60 Medium
L47meNa.png Food economist Your wilderness kills food loot items will be noted. 30 Medium
3ZuqFXF.png Knock out Now your accuracy will be boosted by 50% against monsters with less than 10% of HP. 60 Easy
x23FsSk.png Leecher You will now absorb 20% of the damage inflicted against monster to your life. 60 Hard
xDf71Gj.png Lucky shot You have 25% of chance that a potion dose will not be consumed when drinking. 60 Easy
UKYA09t.png Master tricker You will now have 30% of chance that a slayer kill will count as two. 120 Medium
mbCmajP.png Point economist You will now have 15% of discount on premium store. 20 Hard
xpus9fK.png Poison purge Now poison damage will heal you rather than hurt you. This will not work in the Duel Arena. 60 Easy
3ZuqFXF.png Quick charge Your special energy will restore 15% faster. 30 Medium
U5mRZ5D.png Quick loot Now food, rune and potions will be automatically banked from PvP loots. 60 Medium
wYEblJ4.png Quickly ready Your last used preset will now be withdrawn after dying at single wilderness. 120 Medium
IH9SX3E.png Regeneration Your hitpoints will rengenerate 50% faster. This aura will not work in the Duel Arena. 30 Medium
x23FsSk.png Resourceful You will now have 30% of gaining 2x Woodcutting, fishing, mining resources. 60 Medium
6ic6vDt.png Reverence Prayer potion dose will now restore 5% more points and prayer drain is reduced by 5%. 30 Hard
F3lYiFT.png Runic accuracy Your magic spells will have 20% greater chances of hitting monster targets. 60 Easy
J3YdhSF.png Sharpshooter Your ranged accuracy is increased by 20% against monsters. 60 Easy
Dju1elL.png Tenacious Your boosted stats will be reduced 50% slower. This will not work in the Duel Arena. 60 Medium
taVV0a9.png Tracker Increase your chance of trapping a creature while hunting by 30% 60 Medium

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