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Welcome to the Etherumps Wiki. The pages here are comprised by the members of the Wiki Team, who were carefully selected based on their knowledge and dedication in order to assist you with any queries that you may have on Etherumps. There is a multitude of information regarding all there is to know about Etherumps. Use the links below in order to find the page you are looking for.

1. News & game updates
2. Skill guides
3. Bestiary: Monsters, drops and pets
4. Minigames
5. Team, support & forum guides
6. General guides

News & Game updates
News & announcements Game & website development updates

latest updates
* Staff changes
* Updates
* Announcements
latest updates
* Game Updates
* Website updates
Skilling guides
Regular mode

Ironman/HCIM mode
16.png Agility
7.png Cooking
12.png Crafting
1.png Defence
19.png Farming
11.png Firemaking
10.png Fishing
9.png Fletching
15.png Herblore
3.png Hitpoints
6.png Magic
14.png Mining
5.png Prayer
4.png Ranged
20.png Runecrafting
18.png Slayer
13.png Smithing
2.png Strength
23.png Summoning
17.png Thieving
8.png Woodcutting
Agility 16.png
Attack 0.png
Cooking 7.png
Crafting 12.png
Defence 1.png
Farming 19.png
Firemaking 11.png
Fishing 10.png
Fletching 9.png
Herblore 15.png
Hitpoints 3.png
Magic 6.png
Mining 14.png
Prayer 5.png
Ranged 4.png
Runecrafting 20.png
Slayer 18.png
Smithing 13.png
Strength 2.png
Summoning 23.png
Thieving 17.png
Woodcutting 8.png
Regular mode Ironman/HCIM mode
LLfNSaS.png * Barrows
* Bounty hunter
* Castle wars
* Clan wars
* Dicing
* Duel arena
* Shooting stars
* TzHaar fight cave
* TzHaar fight pit
* Weapon game
Team, support & forum guides
Our teams Support guides Forum guides
* Staff team
* Wiki team
* Middleman team
* Changing your password
* Donating
* F.A.Q.
* Getting help
* Making a suggestion
* Recovering a lost account
* Reporting a bug
* Reporting a player
* Securing your account
* Submitting an appeal
* Voting
* Changing your username
* Editing your profile
* Forum ranks
* Forum registration
* Setting a custom usertitle
* Using the shoutbox
General guides
Most visited guides Other guides

* Areas
* Bank options
* Beginner's guide
* Clans
* Coins lottery
* Combat equipment effects
* Commands
* Crystal Keys
* Donator benefits
* Emoticons and chat effects
* Familiars
* Grim reaper
* Items
* Max setups
* Money making
* Official middlemen
* Ornament kits
* Player killing
* Player killing locations
* Sir Vant's training area
* Tasks
* Usertitles
* Yell customization

We thank you for visiting our wiki and hope we can assist you in one way or another. In case you encounter any issues in the pages or would like to leave a suggestion, please contact a member of the Wiki Team or make a thread here. For further information about how to contribute, click here.

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