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Combat level 725
Always drops Antidote+(4), Blue Charm, Crimson Charm, Zulrah's Scales
Combat info
Hitpoints 500
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous Yes (venom)
Max hits
Melee 41
Ranged 41
Magic 41
Required stats
Slayer 90


Zulrah is a level 725 snake boss. This boss can only be solo'd and requires 90 slayer to kill. You may only damage Zulrah with Ranged or Magic. If you die inside Zulrah's lair, your items will appear outside next to the boat. If you dropped any items, those items are lost if you die.


D4YNwJP.png Venom will start off by doing 6 damage. It will then increase by an additional 2 damage, each time it hits. Venom damage will cap at 20 damage.

Zulrah will spread toxic fumes which are purple clouds that form on the island. If you are caught standing in those fumes when they appear, you will be affected by venom. You can cure yourself from venom by sipping on Anti-venom, Anti-venom+, or sipping on 2 doses of antipoison. Wearing a Serpentine helmet will make you immune to becoming envenomed.

Zulrah Forms

Zulrah has different attacks depending on its current color. Zulrah will change forms by diving into the swamp then reappearing somewhere else. You will know where and what form once you learn the rotations.

When Zulrah is GREEN it will attack with ranged attacks, spread toxic fumes and spawn snakelings. It is recommended to attack with magical attacks. At the end of each pattern, a green Zulrah will alternate between Magic and Ranged attacks.

  • NOTE: If you take too long to kill a Zulrah, a green Zulrah may spawn that is identical to the turquoise verision. This verision of Zulrah will use both Magic and Ranged attacks.

When Zulrah is TURQUOISE, it will attack with Magic and Ranged attacks, spread toxic fumes, and spawn snakelings. It is recommended to attack with ranged. This form is commonly refered to Jad phase due to the similarities.

When Zulrah is CRIMSON, it will spread toxic fumes and attack the spot you are standing on. If Zulrah lands a melee hit on you, you will be stunned and take melee damage. It's important to move 2 spots away when Zulrah is about to hit you during this phase. It is recommended to attack with magical attacks.

  • NOTE: Use the Ring of Recoil effect to kill snakelings, snakelings have 1hp.


You have the option to select which rotations you want in your instance. Keep in mind by not selecting all of the rotations will lower your drop modifier. The only way to know which rotation in your instance will be if you select all four is by looking at the above image. You need to closely watch where Zulrah spawns and what color Zulrah is. As you can see, the first rotation is the same for all Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. You will learn more about which rotations Zulrah will do by referencing this image.

  • NOTE: Stand where the magenta dot indicates to take the less amount of damage.


Gear & Inventory

The best way to kill Zulrah is with Ranged and Magic attacks. It is suggested to not use Ranged only as that will make it really hard to kill the boss.

It is recommended to use these Auras while going on a Zulrah trip:


From the left to the right:

  • Devotion
  • Runic Accuracy
  • Reverence
  • Leecher
  • Sharpshooter

Magic only setup

If you'd only use Magic, this would be the best gear setup:

  • Helm: Serpentine Helm
  • Cape: Completionist Cape
  • Amulet: Occult necklace (or)
  • Weapon: Polypore Staff
  • Body: Ancestral Robe Top
  • Legs: Ancestral Robe Bottom
  • Ammunition: Honourable Blessing
  • Gloves: Tormented Bracelet
  • Boots: Eternal Boots
  • Ring: Ring of Suffering (ri)

This setup will provide good defence against the incoming damage from Zulrah and at the same time make it possible for you to max hit 55 on it.

The preferable inventory setup that goes with this gear setup is this:


This setup contains:

  • 2 Overload Flasks
  • 2 Prayer Renewal Flasks
  • 7 Super Restore Flasks
  • 13 Saradomin Brew Flasks
  • A Ring of Wealth (i)
  • An Imbued Heart
  • 1 Blue Charm
  • 1 Crimson Charm

It is recommended to bring a Ring of Wealth or Ring of Wealth (i) in your inventory and swap it right before you kill Zulrah to increase your chances on a better loot and a possible Zulrah Pet reward.

The Imbued Heart wil increase your magic accuracy and magic level for a while too. The Charms are placeholders for the Charms being dropped by Zulrah, as it always drops those on each kill.

If you feel like extending your trip to Zulrah even longer you could also bring a Pack Yak and fill it entirely with Saradomin Brew Flasks. You can not call your familiar at Zulrah at the moment, but you can take out from it by right clicking the summoning icon near your minimap and press "take BoB".

Ranged and Magic setup

If you'd use both Ranged and Magic, your gear setup will be the exact same as above, the only difference would be your inventory setup which would contain 4 less Saradomin Brew Flasks and some Ranged gear and a Ranged weapon instead:


NOTE: If you do not have these items yet, you can look at this page to find the max Ranged/Magic attack bonus items from high to low.

  • Extra Note: Twisted bow does not work at Zulrah.


You can find Zulrah by using the teleport interface. The teleport interface can be found by pressing 'Ctrl + t' or clicking the world map.


You may enter Zulrah by boarding the Sacrificial boat.


When you click on the boat, an interface will pop up on your screen. This interface gives you the options to select or de-select the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta patterns. If you decide to remove a pattern from rotation, your drop modifer will decrease by 25%.


Entry Fee

Regardless of how many patterns are selected, to start an instance will cost 20M gp.


Once in the lair, you may respawn Zulrah once killed by using 10 Zulrah's scales like shown:


Ironman Entry Fee

Ironman: 2M gp
HCIM: 20K gp

You may use a Zulrah Teleport Ticket to bypass paying for the instance. This can be obtained either from players or from a Zulrah drop.

Video of killing Zulrah (Delta rotation)

Drop Table

Drop Name Quantity Noted? Droprate
Fpwm43h.png Zulrah (pet) 1 No Very rare
XvXRVcY.png Tanzanite mutagen 1 No Very rare
xYWNyIv.png Magma mutagen 1 No Very rare
mRtwAJL.png Suffering elixir 1 No Very rare
6TReGyM.png Suffering revenge elixir 1 No Very rare
Ft9ob59.png Magic fang 1 No Very rare
vfFr39U.png Tanzanite fang 1 No Very rare
gNlZ38v.png Serpentine visage 1 No Very rare
6wo9G9j.png Clue Scroll (elite) 1 No Rare
rVMpMeK.png Zulrah's scales 500 No Rare
bpy7wou.png Zulrah teleport ticket 10 Yes Rare
ZFUNWG0.png WildyWyrm teleport 1 No Rare
H8nwdsU.png Magic logs 100-200 Yes Rare
r33j2O5.png Dragon dart tip 100-125 No Rare
lxqyNnF.png Tooth half of a key 1 No Uncommon
jfw80FB.png Loop half of a key 1 No Uncommon
DxSQSvW.png Raw karambwan 50-80 Yes Uncommon
5mzYNI4.png Raw rocktail 50-80 Yes Uncommon
YwO3hFb.png Uncut onyx 1 No Uncommon
JkFyLZb.png Runite ore 100-200 Yes Uncommon
L7buaDF.png Pure essence 50-100 Yes Uncommon
SHXqbXR.png Rune dart tip 100-200 No Uncommon
PJ8pMSI.gif Dragon bones 5-10 Yes Uncommon
rVMpMeK.png Zulrah's scales 50-80 No Always
EKorHO1.png Crimson charm 5-15 No Always
7BR5gpQ.png Blue charm 2-10 No Always
PR7dO9W.png Antidote+ (4) 3-5 No Always