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Combat level 725
Always drops Antidote+(4), Blue Charm, Crimson Charm, Zulrah's Scales
Combat info
Hitpoints 500
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous Yes (venom)
Max hits
Melee 41
Ranged 41
Magic 41
Required stats
Slayer 90

Guide is in progress.


Zulrah is a level 725 snake boss. This boss can only be solo'd and requires 90 slayer to kill. You may only damage Zulrah with Ranged or Magic.

D4YNwJP.png Venom

Zulrah will spread toxic fumes which are purple clouds that form on the island. If you are caught standing in those fumes when they appear, you will be affected by venom. You can cure yourself from venom by sipping on <INSERT REFERENCE TO HERB SKILLING PAGE ONCE VENOM MENTION IS CREATED>, or sipping on 2 doses of antipoison. Wearing a <INSERT SERPENTINE HELM HYPERLINK ONCE CREATED> will make you immune to becoming envenomed.

Zulrah has different attacks depending on its current color. Zulrah will change forms by diving into the swamp then reappearing somewhere else. You will know where and what form once you learn the rotations.

When Zulrah is <GREEN (insert green font and imagine of zulrah)> it will attack with ranged attacks. spread toxic fumes and spawn snakelings. At the end of each pattern, a green Zulrah will alternate between Magic and Ranged attacks.

  • NOTE: If you take too long to kill a Zulrah, a green Zulrah may spawn that is identical to the turquoise verision. This verision of Zulrah will use both Magic and Ranged attacks.

When Zulrah is turquoise, it will attack with Magic and Ranged attacks, spread toxic fumes, and spawn snakelings.

When Zulrah is crimson, it will spread toxic fumes and attack the spot you are standing on. If Zulrah lands a melee hit on you, you will be stunned and take melee damage. It's important to move 2 spots away when Zulrah is about to hit you during this phase.

  • NOTE: Use the Ring of Recoil effect to kill snakelings, snakelings have 1hp.


You can find Zulrah by using the teleport interface. The teleport interface can be found by pressing 'Ctrl + t' or clicking the world map.


You may enter Zulrah by boarding the Sacrificial boat.


When you click on the boat, an interface will pop up on your screen. This interface gives you the options to select or de-select the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta patterns. If you decide to remove a pattern from rotation, your drop modifer will decrease by 25%.

<a href="https://imgur.com/Himdtxg"><img src="Himdtxg.gif" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>

Entry Fee

Regardless of how many patterns are selected, to start an instance will cost 20M gp.


Ironman Entry Fee

Ironman: 2M gp HCIM: 20K gp

You may use a Zulrah Teleport Ticket to bypass paying for the instance. This can be obtained either from players or from a Zulrah drop.