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Promethium is an armour set that requires level 95 Defence to equip. The Promethium weaponry requires an Attack level of 95 in order to equip, these weapons are very powerful, but due to primal weapons being stronger and in the same store, Promethium is almost never used. This set of armour has much higher defensive stats than torva armour, the lack of sets in-game and the fact that it has no strength bonus makes this set not very desirable. The set is consisits of:

  • Promethium Full Helm
  • Promethium Platebody
  • Promethium Platelegs/Plateskirt
  • Promethium Boots
  • Promethium Gauntlets

As with all dungeoneering armours, you can not attack other players in The Wilderness, while you have any of these armour pieces equipped.

How to Aquire

This gear is currently unobtainable in-game.

Promethium Stats

A Full Set of Promethium


Promethium Armour Pieces

Promethium Full Helm


Promethium Platebody


Promethium Platelegs


Promethium Plateskirt


Promethium Boots


Promethium Gauntlets


Promethium Weaponry

Promethium 2H Sword


Promethium Maul