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Main page/Guides/Support guides/Submitting an appeal

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This guide will show you how you need to make an appeal for your in-game account and/or forum account. First of all, you will need to register.

Forum boards

After that, you will need to log into your account and go to our forums. Now, you will need to search for the following boards.


Appeal for forum/ingame

You can make a forum or ingame appeal here. .

Creating the appeal

Now, you click on "Post New Topic" and make your appeal. Use the right formats which are pre-written into the thread.


Follow the format. Your appeal will either be accepted, pended or denied depending on the decision of the staff member that punished you. If you do not follow the format, then your appeal will be ignored.

Keep in mind

Please keep in mind that you can only submit an appeal every 15 days, submitting an appeal earlier than 15 days will mean you will be infracted.