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|''' https://i.imgur.com/xErEw9r.png [https://forum.etherumps.com/user-66871.html Fruitcake]'''
|''' https://i.imgur.com/xErEw9r.png [https://forum.etherumps.com/user-66871.html Fruitcake]'''
|''' https://i.imgur.com/vk3YksW.png [https://forum.etherumps.com/user-87509.html]'''
|''' https://i.imgur.com/vk3YksW.png [https://forum.etherumps.com/user-87509.html Charlie]'''

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Official Middleman List

qLqFYj7.png Tyler
FpKlVBZ.png Saim
lQYKFGq.png Jaiz
lQYKFGq.png Sir Wizard
Died3.gif Dannyx
Staff Members:
Died3.gif Mrlebeaudry
Died3.gif Timythethief
xErEw9r.png Fruitcake
vk3YksW.png Charlie

How do I become a middleman?

If you think you're ready to become an Official Middleman, you can make an application via forums.

  • Once you send in your application, it will be reviewed by the Leaders and Recruiters of the MM group.